Saturday, April 9, 2011

Detroit Lions Wish List: A Draft The NFL Forgot

This is a tough year for the NFL, with the lockout in effect and the possibility of missing real game time exists.  In the mean time, lets act like its not happening and focus on the NFL Draft.

The last few years, the Draft has been something I looked forward to as my Super Bowl every year.  We seemed to always have very high picks and always had an idea of who we would take before March.  Luckily, the Lions actually won some football games and have the thirteenth overall pick, with multiple options to be taken.  Let's look at the Lion's option for this month's player selection ceremony. 

Biggest Needs:

OT:  I know people say Jeff Backus is underrated and the whole offensive line isn't that bad.  But Backus gave up kill shots and the Lions need to start thinking about replacing him.  There is some good depth at this position this year and may be some options in the second round.  Godser is in a make or break season this year, and although he looked better last year, he still isn't where I'd like to be on the offensive line.

OLB:  This is a huge need, with our options being a bunch of special team guys or Bobby Carpenter, who never lived up to the hype in Dallas when the Lions claimed him.  Lots of options here, but maybe not at 13.

CB: Houston looked pretty good last year, better than I expected.  He is a good one, probably a great two on other teams.  We need someone to pair with him to help out the other side.  Alphonso Smith looked good at nickel, and is still young.  I think he should stay there and make plays like last year.  I know he got destroyed a few times next year, but the potential is there.

Wishlist:  Maybe not as big of needs, but stuff I would like and feel better about:

Resign Stanton, or draft a young, developmental QB.  Stanton showed flashes of being a good solid backup, maybe even a successor to Shaun Hill is a longterm backup.  Then again it could just be a few games and he might search for a starting job somewhere.  A late round flyer would be nice for a QB to groom as a new backup, something everybody else in the league seems able to do. 

Another Running Back:  Jahvid Best should be good, maybe even special, but he can't do it alone, and Kevin Smith isn't the answer and Morris is aging.  A new tough running back, maybe even in the second  round.  It could go a long way to help the offense and balance out the team. 

Wide Receiver:  Nate Burleson is solid but needs to stay healthy and play better.  Megatron is a top five in the league talent.  Behind them, there isn't much talent.  A new WR should be brought in to help the offense and help Calvin not be triple covered every play.  The Tight Ends help the situation with their pass catching but there is still work to be done. 

Right Guard:  Get extreme, get a new right guard.  Peterman looked lost and regressed in a penalty filled, injury marred season.  A new Guard could do wonders for the run and pass protection for the potentially All-Universe offense the Lions could run. 

Players Weston Corbitt Likes:

TJ Yates, UNC
Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin
Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M

Running Back:

Ryan Williams, VA Tech
Daniel Thomas, Kansas State
Shane Vereen, Cal

Wide Reciever:

Torrey Smith, Maryland
Titus Young, Boise State
Terrence Toliver, LSU

Offensive Tackle

Nate Solder, Colorado
Tyron Smith, USC
Mike Person, Montana State

Offensive Guard:
Orlando Franklin, Miami, FL

Outside Linebacker
Casey Matthews, Oregon
Von Miller, Texas A&M
Bruce Carter, UNC

Prince Amukamara, Nebraska
Jimmy Smith, Colorado
Ras-I Dowling, Virginia

A lot of these positions could be filled by the end of the year with some good young players developing.  Then again, until at least half of these holes are filled, the Lions won't ever make a deep run into the postseason.