Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back At It

Maybe its the free time I have stumbled upon, maybe its my nostalgic feeling lately, but I feel like writing on this blog again.  At least once in a while.  Will anybody read it?  I sure hope so.  It wont be like my glory days (if I ever had any) but I feel like it will still be fun for me.  I might not share every story, link it on twitter, or Facebook or anything like that, but I will view this website as a personal sports journal for me, something to look back on and smile.  It has almost been a year, I have graduated from college, survived an apocalypse, joined a new blog (details soon) but gave up on this.  Blogging, however little it may seem, was a big part of my life and very fun.  So with that being said, lets get back at it!

Maybe a big part of this blog drying up is the lack of winning from my favorite teams.  The Lions floundered, the NHL locked out, the Cubs rebuilt and lost 101 games.  The Pistons rebuilt as well, MSU had a very poor football season, and even WMU football was lackluster.  The only team that was worth anything was the WMU hockey team (a subject I must cover soon) and their CCHA Playoff title.  Does this mean 2012 was bad?  Kind of.  The Mayans were right in my case, but it means the future has to be bright.  And that is what sports does for us.  Gives us hope, of brighter days and fun times indulging our sports passion.