Saturday, March 3, 2012

NFL Wrap Up: Look Forward To The Offseason

Almost a month ago, the New York Giants upset the Patriots for their second title in the last five years.  It was another great game with another spectacular catch and another upset by Eli Manning, who may have cemented his Hall Of Fame status. 

Let us look at the final standing for the Corbitt Family Football Pick 'em:

Dad: 5-6
Mom: 5-6
Weston: 6-5
Sam: 5-6
Aaron: 7-4
Mary: 4-7

So my brother Aaron has won and gets a blog of his choice written by me very soon.  He did a great job with a 7-4 record, with everyone else floating around .500.  This year had some crazy upsets but we all had fun doing this like last year.  Great job everybody!

The NFL offseason, which is the longest and best in all of sports, has already begun.  The combine takes place, then free agency and franchise tags, then preparing for the draft.  Then when that is over, we talk about it, then games start shortly after that. 

For the Lions, they can take best player available and still be all right.  Besides quarterback, any player taken could be very useful to the team.  The Lions are a strange team, because they made the playoff and played well in a lot of games despite having some glaring holes and weaknesses.  They did not play very well against the elite teams of the NFL, only beating one playoff team ( the 8-8 Broncos, before Tebow Time) and they still need a lot of talent to take the next step.  Sadly, the Lions need to cut salary to move forward.  I could see Detroit selecting any lineman, offensive or defensive, a linebacker, a corner, a wide receiver or a running back in the draft.  A lot depends on who we sign in free agency and who we resign from our own team.  We should have a better picture of what the 2012 Lions should look like in a few weeks.