Saturday, March 3, 2012

NFL Wrap Up: Look Forward To The Offseason

Almost a month ago, the New York Giants upset the Patriots for their second title in the last five years.  It was another great game with another spectacular catch and another upset by Eli Manning, who may have cemented his Hall Of Fame status. 

Let us look at the final standing for the Corbitt Family Football Pick 'em:

Dad: 5-6
Mom: 5-6
Weston: 6-5
Sam: 5-6
Aaron: 7-4
Mary: 4-7

So my brother Aaron has won and gets a blog of his choice written by me very soon.  He did a great job with a 7-4 record, with everyone else floating around .500.  This year had some crazy upsets but we all had fun doing this like last year.  Great job everybody!

The NFL offseason, which is the longest and best in all of sports, has already begun.  The combine takes place, then free agency and franchise tags, then preparing for the draft.  Then when that is over, we talk about it, then games start shortly after that. 

For the Lions, they can take best player available and still be all right.  Besides quarterback, any player taken could be very useful to the team.  The Lions are a strange team, because they made the playoff and played well in a lot of games despite having some glaring holes and weaknesses.  They did not play very well against the elite teams of the NFL, only beating one playoff team ( the 8-8 Broncos, before Tebow Time) and they still need a lot of talent to take the next step.  Sadly, the Lions need to cut salary to move forward.  I could see Detroit selecting any lineman, offensive or defensive, a linebacker, a corner, a wide receiver or a running back in the draft.  A lot depends on who we sign in free agency and who we resign from our own team.  We should have a better picture of what the 2012 Lions should look like in a few weeks. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Preview: Rematches Are Fun, Besides in the NCAA

Here it is.  The game.  I can't write anything that hasn't already been written by hundreds of writers before me.  So enough talking, lets break down the game.

These two teams have something in common.  Both got a little bit lucky to get to this point.  Lee Evans dropped a pass in the end zone to help the Patriots make it (I won't mention Billy "I used to kick for the Cowboys" Cundiff missing a chip shot.  Oh wait, I did.)   And it was even more unfortunate for the 49ers, as Kyle Williams (White Sox GM Kenny William's son, backing up an injured Ted Ginn Jr.)  fumbled two punts that led to Giants points (including the game winning field goal in OT).  The Niners couldn't get their offense going, and it eventually cost them.  Overall though, it was a very exciting and heartbreaking Championship Sunday.  It lived up to the hype.  Now on to the bigger game!


Just kidding.  The Super Bowl, as you may already know, is in Indianapolis.  Cold weather cities are starting to get more and more Super Bowls as the years go on.  Its exciting to see more fanbases and more cities get to experience the magic of the NFL title game being in their neck of the woods.  Miami shouldn't get it every other year. 

The Patriots:  Tom Brady got exposed against the Patriots that he isn't very good in the playoffs anymore, and that with a little pressure, he becomes very average.  The Giants defense is good at doing that, so New England has to protect Brady.  Gronkowski is obviously hurt, as ESPN has a twitter account following how swollen his high ankle is.  They don't really have a running game, or defense, but they keep winning.  Their special teams are solid.  That being said, they are the best team in the AFC, regular and post season.  They have a great coach and will keep this game close.  They rarely have gotten blown out in the last decade.  Some of the team have rings already, but for the most part this team is young and hungry for their first title. 

The Giants: The Giants have a formula to get here.  They are mediocre for most of the year, Then turn it on late to win an overrated division and get a home playoff game.  Then they either lose the first playoff game or go to the Super Bowl.  And the whole time Tom Coughlin is about to get fired.  They have to rely on Eli Manning and try to run the ball, leaving Brady and the Pats offense on the sideline where they can't hurt them.  The Giants defense isn't great, but it does rush the passer well.  They don't have to worry about much else besides getting to Brady and covering the Tight Ends and Wes Welker. 

What will happen: Eli and the Giants make some nice plays on offense to take an early lead, but the Patriots hang right with them for the most part.  The Giants then get their defensive line going after Brady and they start making plays.  Gronk slows down when the ankle begins to get to him.  Eli still makes big plays as the Patriots can't stop anybody.  The G-Men open a big lead and pound the football to put the game away.  Brady gets one last touchdown to make it close, but the final score is 28-24 Giants as Eli gets a second world title for a city who wanted him out not to long ago. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Corbitt Family Playoff Picks Part IV: The Super Bowl Picks

The final week of the NFL season is upon us.   The Corbitt family playoff picks champion has already been decided, and this year your champion is Aaron Corbitt, who has gone 7-3 so far this season.  He has watched a great more deal of football this year and it has definitely paid off.  As consolation, me and my dad picked the correct Super Bowl last week.  Aaron will get a blog of his choice in the near future.  Congrats to my brother and for everyone playing! (they pretty much had to).  Here are the standings before the Super Bowl:

Dad: 5-5
Mom: 4-6
Weston: 5-5
Sam: 4-6
Aaron: 7-3
Mary: 3-7

And here are your final picks, who will the Super Bowl, according to the Corbitt clan:

Dad: Patriots
Mom: Giants
Weston: Giants
Sam: Giants
Aaron: Patriots
Mary: Giants

Tune in tomorrow to see a preview of the big game!

Super Bowl Party Planning: EXCLUSIVE RECIPE INSIDE!

These are the times that try one's soul. This time I'm not talking of politics, finances or even the game. It's what kind of food you will serve at your party. You'd think Thanksgiving or Christmas would be harder. Nope. Holidays are easy. July 4th hamburgers and hot dogs, Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas is traditionally ham but we grill steaks because I don't like ham. Foods for the holidays take a long time to prepare usually but they only have to be special, they don't have to be super. If your turkey is dry nobody really cares. Because the important part is being together. If the game isn't totally exciting, and it probably won't be if your team isn't playing (mine isn't) there could be talk that the food was as bad as the game.
You can always order pizza, but if I invite anyone over I like to have at least 1 thing homemade. I think it says you're important to me, welcome. Now I have it easy this Sunday, it's just us sans a kid or 2. And I think I will just go with wings and nachos. Maybe some brownies. And a treat for the dogs. But if you're going to a party be kind to the host. No matter how cold the pizza or dried out the wings or warm the soda. It's really about enjoying time with your friends or family. You can always stop by BK on the way home.


1 box brownies mix-9x13" pan size. Mix according to directions. Spread into prepared pan.

1 large symphony candy bar. Or 2 if you're feeling daring. Chopped up into larger pieces. Sprinkle over brownies.

You can add some nuts, M&Ms, other chopped up candy or even cookies. Not to much, it all has to fit into pan.

Mix up another 9x13" pan size brownie mix and spread over candy.

Bake 350* for about 45 minutes or until done.
Do not refrigerate. The symphony bar will be almost mousse like. If you chill the chocolate hardens and you can't
make it soft again.

I don't remember where I found this recipe but it's good. Extra nuts/candy layer was my idea. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Corbitt Family Playoff Picks: Part III

The NFL had a crazy upset, a shocking upset and an expected blowout.  The Texans showed if healthy, could be a power in the AFC for years.  This week we have the conference title games.  Championship Sunday is one of the best days of football during the whole year.  After that we get a week to breath before the Super Bowl.

Here is the leader board after two weeks of competition.  We all missed on the Packers, and only Aaron called the Niners upset. Sadly for my Dad, he went 0-4.  Everybody is 3-5 except Aaron, and the whole family must team up to catch him.  Picking these games are rough.

Dad: 3-5
Mom: 3-5
Weston: 3-5
Sam: 3-5
Aaron: 6-2
Mary: 3-5

Here is the picks for this week, with only two games this week hopefully somebody goes 2-0.

Dad: Patriots, Giants
Mom: Ravens, Giants
Weston: Patriots, Giants
Sam: Ravens, Giants
Aaron: Patriots, 49'ers
Mary: Ravens, 49'ers

Friday, January 20, 2012

NFC Championship Game Preview: New York vs San Francisco. Party like 1989!

In a year with three 5,000 yard passers, running games that don't matter, and the two worst defenses in the league getting home field advantage, we see a retro NFC Championship match up featuring two teams who like running the ball and defense.

The Giants come into the playoffs barely making it again, having to win a playoff game in Week 17 against the Cowboys to get into the playoffs.  They were playing fairly well until that point, and carried that momentum into a dominating 24-2 defeat of the Atlanta Falcons in New York.  They beat the Packers by playing perfect (and catching some breaks).  They are built to win on the road.  They have a dominant defensive line (mostly Jason Pierre-Paul) and try to run the ball (they have been more successful in the playoffs) to create a perfect upset recipe.  Eli Manning has elevated his game all season, and is becoming an elite QB.

For the Giants to win: They need to get after Alex Smith and make him into the QB we all knew before this year.  JPP should do the trick.  If they can force him to play poorly, they can stop Vernon Davis and limit Frank Gore's runs.  They don't have a wide receiver to really worry about.  Against the 49er's defense, Eli will have to protect the ball and feed his talented collection of pass catchers.  They must run the ball to stay honest, but not expect results.  The Niners defense is really incredible.  The veteran offensive line must keep the pass rush down. 

The 49er's are a big surprise this year in Jim Harbaugh's rookie year.  They play tough, physical defense, that stops the run and gets lots of turnovers.  Their defense is young and awesome.  Its only going to get better.  Their offense is different.  Its young and has some elite players in Vernon Davis, and an aging Frank Gore.  Their offensive line for the most part is young and talented.  Its built to run and be dominant.  They have solid depth at running back, but only Michael Crabtree is (sometimes) their only good receiver.  Alex Smith has improved a lot and takes care of the ball.  He still isn't elite, but he can most likely get the job done.  Their special teams are also solid.  They played in an awful division, but stunned the Saints at home and looked impressive doing it.

For the 49er's to win: They need to play Niners ball at home.  They have to shut down any Giant running attack and make Eli force passes, which almost always lead to mistakes.  The offense needs to feed their playmakers and rely on special teams and field position to win the game.  Its simple.  Run and make timely passes, and make sure your defense stays awesome.

What will happen: This game was really tough to pick.  I can honestly see both teams winning.  When it comes down to it, I am going to have to go with the hot team.  I think the Giants can stop the Niner's offense more and they will make enough plays to win the game.  Both teams will be shut down offensively and it'll come down to what QB makes a big play.  Eli will make one more play than Alex Smith, and the Giants will be in the Super Bowl again. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Social Media Awareness (Spam) Blog

If you followed this blog before you know of my twitter account.  You can find it here.  I post a link to everything I write (including this one, which includes me talking about the twitter, which causes some sort of paradox) and I comment on stories happening live.  Sometimes, like with the BCS title game, I live tweet.  I had a ton of fun with that, and really want to do it again soon.  So its a good idea to follow my twitter if you like links to my blog, live tweeting during sporting events, reading tweets on events happening now, or padding your status as a true twitter master. 

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Also I added a new widget to my blog where you can follow me on email.  You can see it in the upper right hand corner under the logo.  I am on Google+ but who uses that?

Thanks again for reading and following, and thanks for the support.  Please share this website with your friends.  Thanks for the support!   

AFC Championship Game: Old School Ravens vs High Flying Patriots

In the title game this weekend that most people saw coming, the old school (1998) Ravens go into Foxboro looking to upset the offensive juggernaut New England Patriots.  This match up features the top two seeds from the regular season, and them being in the AFC is all they have in common. 

The Ravens choose to live in a time when running the ball and defense won Super Bowls when you didn't have a good offense.  Its funny to see a team like this in the final four, but they deserve it.  They won the AFC North, which featured 3 playoff teams, including the reigning AFC Champions Pittsburgh Steelers.  They have the same Hall Of Famers on defense, and Ray Rice running the rock on offense.

For the Ravens to win:  They need to slow down the Patriots on the road.  Getting to Tom Brady is a must.  They must disrupt his timing and try to get him rattled early.  They have to get turnovers to help slow the Pat's attack and to help out an offense that isn't the best at scoring a ton of points.  Probably the biggest obstacle for the Raven's defense is stopping the double tight end attack of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski.  I am not sure how they can do that (since no one has been able to so far) but if they can, they have a great shot at going to the Super Bowl. 

The Patriots come in riding an offense that has been electric all year.  Problem is that their defense can't stop anybody.  That hasn't set them back too much so far, as they only had to beat up on the offensively challenged Denver Broncos to get to this point (to be fair, the Ravens had to beat a third string QB).  The Pats have made up for a lack of Wide Receiver by using Tight Ends to gain incredible amount of yards and touchdowns.

For the Patriots to win:  New England can win a shootout with almost anybody.  They just have to score as many points as they have all year.  No defense has really been able to slow them down yet, but they face a legendary defense in Baltimore.  New England's defense just have to make enough plays to win the game, and show the NFL that Joe Flacco can't win a title.

What happens:  New England comes out firing but Baltimore slows them down.  It becomes a slug fest that the Pats wanted to avoid.  Baltimore doesn't make enough offensive plays to put New England away, and the Patriots make a late run and win the game.  New England goes back to the Super Bowl to try and win a fourth title.    

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tim Tebow: A Mom's Perspective

From time to time, my mom writes for my blog about something shes passionate about.  She truly loves football and loves some players more than others.  Tim Tebow is one of her favorites.  And because she hasn't written for me in a while, I thought why not now?  Here is her take on Tebow.  This week I will break down the NFC and AFC title games, and give the playoff pick blog of course.  But for now enjoy this great article from my awesome mom!

Google Tim Tebow and what do you find? His stats, Facebook, Twitter  and his official home page. I think it's more important what's not there. Stories of drunken parties and groping women, stomping another player then saying it was because he lost his balance or any reason for a mug shot. He's getting talked about because he handles himself with control and grace. Giving credit to others and takes more blame than his share. Perseveres and learns from his mistakes. And the worse thing they say, and they say it a lot, he prays. He seems to be optimistic even when behind. He and his team have been behind more than a few times this season, but with hard work and common sense they try hard and do their best. Is he lucky? Maybe. Don't we all hit a little luck from time to time? And I've heard some say that since he gives thanks to Jesus, Tebow believes God wants him to win. If you believe, do you believe God makes you do good or does He give you the opportunity to do good? He doesn't win because God wants him to, he wins wins because he has a talent that he believes God gave him. And he worked hard to develop his talent.

We all have talents no matter where they come from. What will you do with yours?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Corbitt Family Playoff Picks: Part II

Last week the NFL saw Tebow pull off another miracle in Denver, the Lion's season end with some fireworks in New Orleans, and a couple of blowouts separating the division winners from the wildcards.

And we saw another season of Corbitt family pick 'em underway.  Here is your leader board after one week:

Dad: 3-1
Mom: 2-2
Weston: 1-3
Sam: 2-2
Aaron: 3-1
Mary: 2-2

What jumps out at you right away is my poor record and everyone still having a shot to win this.  One of these years I'll have to do pretty well I guess.  Here are the picks for the divisional round of the playoffs:

Dad: Broncos, Texans, Saints, Packers
Mom: Broncos, Ravens, Saints, Packers
Weston: Patriots, Ravens, Saints, Packers
Sam: Broncos, Ravens, Saints, Packers
Aaron:Patriots, Ravens, 49er's, Packers
Mary:Broncos, Ravens, Saints, Packers

As you can see, some teams are more popular in the Corbitt household than others.  I will tell you this though, we are all rooting for Tim Tebow to beat up the Pats in Foxboro.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Lions: How Far Have They Come?

When I started this blog almost three years ago, the biggest concern with the Lions was picking who they would take with the first overall pick, and actually winning a football game.  Remember, the Lions at that point had lost 23 of 24 games and had another long road losing streak ahead of them.  They just had the worst season in the history of professional football.  They broke then rebroke their own record for road losses in a row.  The team had less talent than a expansion team and the team direction was in the ground.   The Lions had one great player, Calvin Johnson, and a good kicker.  That was about it.

Now winning on the road isn't a hurdle to worry about.  The Lions went 5-3 on the road this year.  Good enough for most teams to make the playoffs, as the Lions did.  From 2001-2010 the Lions won 8 road games total, (8-64) until they won two in Florida last winter.

Its also encouraging  to see how far the talent level has risen.  The Lions have one of the best pool of young talent in the league.  The group is led by Matthew Stafford, who has shattered every Lions record in existence, at the same time shattering the idea that he is injury prone and brittle.  The other side of the ball has seen improvements too.  Think about three years ago, who was the best player on the defense?  Ernie Sims, who has bounced around the league since being traded by Detroit?  Dwayne White?  Now the defense has talent and has an identity.  Honestly, I think the defensive line underperformed this year, and the linebackers as well. If they had done their job, we wouldn't be in the league cellar when it comes to stopping the run.  But for the first time since Robert Porcher and Luther Ellis played, there is hope the Lions defense could improve and not have to rely on pad level and shovels to stop someone.

Was this season a success?  Yes, that's an easy question.  The Lions made the playoffs for the first time since 1999, found their franchise QB and found what their electric offense can do.  But this season also showed how far the Lions have to go.  They have little to no running game and at times the passing offense struggled.  The defense has its own problems.  And now we have to worry about signing everybody under the salary cap.  Another off season as productive as the last two should lead to another playoff berth and possibly a deep run.  Two years from now, the sky is the limit. Before you get upset with how the season ended, remember how far the Lions have come, and remember that time when losing a playoff game was just a dream.  

Corbitt Family Playoff Picks

I went home this Christmas break as I always do.  Its something I really look forward to every fall, after finals week and work at everything wrapping up for the semester.  I just get to see my family and relax. While home my mom asked, "Whatever happened to your blog, you used to love it so much.  You should get back into it again."  I replied,  "I just don't have time anymore, I am always busy."

That is somewhat true, this semester I went to two Lions games, countless WMU hockey, football and basketball games, one MSU football game, and worked a good deal over the fall.  I was busy with a lot of school related activities and going to see my friends and family when I can.  I was busy, but my mom made a great point: "You have to make time for the things you like, and you really liked to write.  So get back into it!" And shes right.  I will make time for this website.  I don't know how many people will still read it, or will be around after my last post in August.  I won't have guest writers (outside of my mom, shes is really great at it), although they all did a great job filling in and providing great material.  I'll make an effort to do this more, because I do enjoy it so much.  So after fulling charging my batteries, and feeling passionate about doing this again, I will try this again in a new year with a new start.

Now enough of that, lets get to the Corbitt Family Picks!! (note: these picks were made before the playoffs began, you'll just have to believe me)

Weston: Bengals, Steelers, Saints, Falcons.  Super Bowl: Packers vs Patriots
Dad: Texans, Steelers, Saints, Giants. Super Bowl: Packers vs Patriots
Mom: Bengals, Broncos, Lions, Giants. Super Bowl: Lions vs Broncos
Aaron: Texans, Broncos, Saints, Falcons. Super Bowl: Patriots vs San Francisco
Mary: Bengals, Steelers, Saints, Giants.  Super Bowl: Patriots vs Packers
Sam: Bengals, Broncos, Lions Giants Super Bowl: Bengals vs Packers

Whoever wins the competition gets a blog dedicated to a subject of their choice.  The Super Bowl picks is purely for tie breaking (and smack talking) purposes.  Last year, my sister Mary won with only missing one pick all playoffs.  She got a blog written about the movie series, Twilight: The Saga.  I will get the other blogs out before the games begin next week.  Good luck to everyone in it!