Saturday, January 21, 2012

Corbitt Family Playoff Picks: Part III

The NFL had a crazy upset, a shocking upset and an expected blowout.  The Texans showed if healthy, could be a power in the AFC for years.  This week we have the conference title games.  Championship Sunday is one of the best days of football during the whole year.  After that we get a week to breath before the Super Bowl.

Here is the leader board after two weeks of competition.  We all missed on the Packers, and only Aaron called the Niners upset. Sadly for my Dad, he went 0-4.  Everybody is 3-5 except Aaron, and the whole family must team up to catch him.  Picking these games are rough.

Dad: 3-5
Mom: 3-5
Weston: 3-5
Sam: 3-5
Aaron: 6-2
Mary: 3-5

Here is the picks for this week, with only two games this week hopefully somebody goes 2-0.

Dad: Patriots, Giants
Mom: Ravens, Giants
Weston: Patriots, Giants
Sam: Ravens, Giants
Aaron: Patriots, 49'ers
Mary: Ravens, 49'ers

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