Sunday, January 8, 2012

Corbitt Family Playoff Picks

I went home this Christmas break as I always do.  Its something I really look forward to every fall, after finals week and work at everything wrapping up for the semester.  I just get to see my family and relax. While home my mom asked, "Whatever happened to your blog, you used to love it so much.  You should get back into it again."  I replied,  "I just don't have time anymore, I am always busy."

That is somewhat true, this semester I went to two Lions games, countless WMU hockey, football and basketball games, one MSU football game, and worked a good deal over the fall.  I was busy with a lot of school related activities and going to see my friends and family when I can.  I was busy, but my mom made a great point: "You have to make time for the things you like, and you really liked to write.  So get back into it!" And shes right.  I will make time for this website.  I don't know how many people will still read it, or will be around after my last post in August.  I won't have guest writers (outside of my mom, shes is really great at it), although they all did a great job filling in and providing great material.  I'll make an effort to do this more, because I do enjoy it so much.  So after fulling charging my batteries, and feeling passionate about doing this again, I will try this again in a new year with a new start.

Now enough of that, lets get to the Corbitt Family Picks!! (note: these picks were made before the playoffs began, you'll just have to believe me)

Weston: Bengals, Steelers, Saints, Falcons.  Super Bowl: Packers vs Patriots
Dad: Texans, Steelers, Saints, Giants. Super Bowl: Packers vs Patriots
Mom: Bengals, Broncos, Lions, Giants. Super Bowl: Lions vs Broncos
Aaron: Texans, Broncos, Saints, Falcons. Super Bowl: Patriots vs San Francisco
Mary: Bengals, Steelers, Saints, Giants.  Super Bowl: Patriots vs Packers
Sam: Bengals, Broncos, Lions Giants Super Bowl: Bengals vs Packers

Whoever wins the competition gets a blog dedicated to a subject of their choice.  The Super Bowl picks is purely for tie breaking (and smack talking) purposes.  Last year, my sister Mary won with only missing one pick all playoffs.  She got a blog written about the movie series, Twilight: The Saga.  I will get the other blogs out before the games begin next week.  Good luck to everyone in it!

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