Friday, January 13, 2012

Corbitt Family Playoff Picks: Part II

Last week the NFL saw Tebow pull off another miracle in Denver, the Lion's season end with some fireworks in New Orleans, and a couple of blowouts separating the division winners from the wildcards.

And we saw another season of Corbitt family pick 'em underway.  Here is your leader board after one week:

Dad: 3-1
Mom: 2-2
Weston: 1-3
Sam: 2-2
Aaron: 3-1
Mary: 2-2

What jumps out at you right away is my poor record and everyone still having a shot to win this.  One of these years I'll have to do pretty well I guess.  Here are the picks for the divisional round of the playoffs:

Dad: Broncos, Texans, Saints, Packers
Mom: Broncos, Ravens, Saints, Packers
Weston: Patriots, Ravens, Saints, Packers
Sam: Broncos, Ravens, Saints, Packers
Aaron:Patriots, Ravens, 49er's, Packers
Mary:Broncos, Ravens, Saints, Packers

As you can see, some teams are more popular in the Corbitt household than others.  I will tell you this though, we are all rooting for Tim Tebow to beat up the Pats in Foxboro.

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