Monday, January 16, 2012

Tim Tebow: A Mom's Perspective

From time to time, my mom writes for my blog about something shes passionate about.  She truly loves football and loves some players more than others.  Tim Tebow is one of her favorites.  And because she hasn't written for me in a while, I thought why not now?  Here is her take on Tebow.  This week I will break down the NFC and AFC title games, and give the playoff pick blog of course.  But for now enjoy this great article from my awesome mom!

Google Tim Tebow and what do you find? His stats, Facebook, Twitter  and his official home page. I think it's more important what's not there. Stories of drunken parties and groping women, stomping another player then saying it was because he lost his balance or any reason for a mug shot. He's getting talked about because he handles himself with control and grace. Giving credit to others and takes more blame than his share. Perseveres and learns from his mistakes. And the worse thing they say, and they say it a lot, he prays. He seems to be optimistic even when behind. He and his team have been behind more than a few times this season, but with hard work and common sense they try hard and do their best. Is he lucky? Maybe. Don't we all hit a little luck from time to time? And I've heard some say that since he gives thanks to Jesus, Tebow believes God wants him to win. If you believe, do you believe God makes you do good or does He give you the opportunity to do good? He doesn't win because God wants him to, he wins wins because he has a talent that he believes God gave him. And he worked hard to develop his talent.

We all have talents no matter where they come from. What will you do with yours?

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