Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Party Planning: EXCLUSIVE RECIPE INSIDE!

These are the times that try one's soul. This time I'm not talking of politics, finances or even the game. It's what kind of food you will serve at your party. You'd think Thanksgiving or Christmas would be harder. Nope. Holidays are easy. July 4th hamburgers and hot dogs, Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas is traditionally ham but we grill steaks because I don't like ham. Foods for the holidays take a long time to prepare usually but they only have to be special, they don't have to be super. If your turkey is dry nobody really cares. Because the important part is being together. If the game isn't totally exciting, and it probably won't be if your team isn't playing (mine isn't) there could be talk that the food was as bad as the game.
You can always order pizza, but if I invite anyone over I like to have at least 1 thing homemade. I think it says you're important to me, welcome. Now I have it easy this Sunday, it's just us sans a kid or 2. And I think I will just go with wings and nachos. Maybe some brownies. And a treat for the dogs. But if you're going to a party be kind to the host. No matter how cold the pizza or dried out the wings or warm the soda. It's really about enjoying time with your friends or family. You can always stop by BK on the way home.


1 box brownies mix-9x13" pan size. Mix according to directions. Spread into prepared pan.

1 large symphony candy bar. Or 2 if you're feeling daring. Chopped up into larger pieces. Sprinkle over brownies.

You can add some nuts, M&Ms, other chopped up candy or even cookies. Not to much, it all has to fit into pan.

Mix up another 9x13" pan size brownie mix and spread over candy.

Bake 350* for about 45 minutes or until done.
Do not refrigerate. The symphony bar will be almost mousse like. If you chill the chocolate hardens and you can't
make it soft again.

I don't remember where I found this recipe but it's good. Extra nuts/candy layer was my idea. Enjoy.

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