Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Preview: Rematches Are Fun, Besides in the NCAA

Here it is.  The game.  I can't write anything that hasn't already been written by hundreds of writers before me.  So enough talking, lets break down the game.

These two teams have something in common.  Both got a little bit lucky to get to this point.  Lee Evans dropped a pass in the end zone to help the Patriots make it (I won't mention Billy "I used to kick for the Cowboys" Cundiff missing a chip shot.  Oh wait, I did.)   And it was even more unfortunate for the 49ers, as Kyle Williams (White Sox GM Kenny William's son, backing up an injured Ted Ginn Jr.)  fumbled two punts that led to Giants points (including the game winning field goal in OT).  The Niners couldn't get their offense going, and it eventually cost them.  Overall though, it was a very exciting and heartbreaking Championship Sunday.  It lived up to the hype.  Now on to the bigger game!


Just kidding.  The Super Bowl, as you may already know, is in Indianapolis.  Cold weather cities are starting to get more and more Super Bowls as the years go on.  Its exciting to see more fanbases and more cities get to experience the magic of the NFL title game being in their neck of the woods.  Miami shouldn't get it every other year. 

The Patriots:  Tom Brady got exposed against the Patriots that he isn't very good in the playoffs anymore, and that with a little pressure, he becomes very average.  The Giants defense is good at doing that, so New England has to protect Brady.  Gronkowski is obviously hurt, as ESPN has a twitter account following how swollen his high ankle is.  They don't really have a running game, or defense, but they keep winning.  Their special teams are solid.  That being said, they are the best team in the AFC, regular and post season.  They have a great coach and will keep this game close.  They rarely have gotten blown out in the last decade.  Some of the team have rings already, but for the most part this team is young and hungry for their first title. 

The Giants: The Giants have a formula to get here.  They are mediocre for most of the year, Then turn it on late to win an overrated division and get a home playoff game.  Then they either lose the first playoff game or go to the Super Bowl.  And the whole time Tom Coughlin is about to get fired.  They have to rely on Eli Manning and try to run the ball, leaving Brady and the Pats offense on the sideline where they can't hurt them.  The Giants defense isn't great, but it does rush the passer well.  They don't have to worry about much else besides getting to Brady and covering the Tight Ends and Wes Welker. 

What will happen: Eli and the Giants make some nice plays on offense to take an early lead, but the Patriots hang right with them for the most part.  The Giants then get their defensive line going after Brady and they start making plays.  Gronk slows down when the ankle begins to get to him.  Eli still makes big plays as the Patriots can't stop anybody.  The G-Men open a big lead and pound the football to put the game away.  Brady gets one last touchdown to make it close, but the final score is 28-24 Giants as Eli gets a second world title for a city who wanted him out not to long ago. 

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