Friday, February 3, 2012

Corbitt Family Playoff Picks Part IV: The Super Bowl Picks

The final week of the NFL season is upon us.   The Corbitt family playoff picks champion has already been decided, and this year your champion is Aaron Corbitt, who has gone 7-3 so far this season.  He has watched a great more deal of football this year and it has definitely paid off.  As consolation, me and my dad picked the correct Super Bowl last week.  Aaron will get a blog of his choice in the near future.  Congrats to my brother and for everyone playing! (they pretty much had to).  Here are the standings before the Super Bowl:

Dad: 5-5
Mom: 4-6
Weston: 5-5
Sam: 4-6
Aaron: 7-3
Mary: 3-7

And here are your final picks, who will the Super Bowl, according to the Corbitt clan:

Dad: Patriots
Mom: Giants
Weston: Giants
Sam: Giants
Aaron: Patriots
Mary: Giants

Tune in tomorrow to see a preview of the big game!

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