Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Mom's First Year In Fantasy Football: A Housewife's Guide

I asked my mom to play in my fantasy football league this year, for the fun mother-son bonding experience.  And since it was her first year, I gave her some of my best magazines and told her to have fun.  Now here is some of her advice to give us all to think about next year.

  I have as much skill in picking winners in football games as I do for driving the big rig in Alaska. But Weston asked, so here goes.

   1.  Pick teams you like. You probably will be irritated if you pick a team you really don't like and they go on to win the super bowl. At least if your team loses you can always say that they will be better next year. Like- This is the Lion's rebuilding millennium.

   2.  Pick teams that have major players with names the same as your best friend, brothers or maybe your pet. Unless your dog is named Fluffy or Princess.

   3.  Don't be a fair weather fan. If you disliked the Cowboys in the beginning of the year don't start saying how you were sure they could pull it out at the end of the year. (Editor's note: my mom hates the Cowboys)

   4. Your Mom's favorite team is your favorite team. Especially if she gives you money or bakes you cookies. (Editor's note:  my mom makes the best everything.)

   5. Unless you have a girlfriend. Then her favorite team is your favorite team. But tell your Mom you still think she is right. Just quietly.

   6.  Don't take it so seriously. Unless it's your job or you are trying to make it your job. Have fun. Does it really matter if you pick the winner? (Editor's note: Yes.)

   7.  And if your going to have a party, clean your apartment.

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  1. Happy new year, and a successful 2011 to everyone!