Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You're Welcome! 2009 Edition

For this week's You're Welcome, I will change it up a little bit and do a 2009 edition. I can't believe its almost 2010, but the new year will certainly bring some great stories. Here are the best of the year!

1. Pittsburgh Penguins: This one is tough to write. But the Penguins came into the Stanley Cup finals, without home ice against an opponent who beat you last season. And guess what? You're best player last year is in red. But you converted to a more physical style of play and had your interim coach lead you to victory. Sure the "Golden Boy" got his cup and Commish got his wish. Malkin was the best player in the finals and deserved the Conn Smythe. It was brutal to watch and I took a while to get over it but the Pens deserve credit.

2. Arizona Cardinals: You were perpetual losers and nobody cared about you guys moving to the desert. Finally you got a beautiful new stadium and started to attract some fans. Kurt Warner finally led you to a division title and the playoffs after being on the brink for a decade. Larry Fitzgerald went off and dominated the playoffs and you guys were seconds from a Super Bowl victory. You're in good shape to go to the Super Bowl again led by the best wide receiver in the NFL. Its inspiring to other teams to see a team make the Super Bowl that no one saw coming.

3. Kobe Bryant: You won a title without Shaq. Enough said in that line. But Kobe had an MVP year and led the Lakers to the NBA title. By now everybody is over your court case for a crime you didn't commit (he did commit transgressions) and all your sponsors are coming back. Sure it would have been nice to play Lebron in the finals but a great win anyway. Kobe is finally coming into his own and is one of the top five players in the league. It was nice to see him finally get that monkey off his back and bring the hardware back to LA.

Happy New Year everybody! Thanks for reading!

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