Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You're Welcome! Happy Holidays!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, the combination of finals week, going home, a nasty cold and the holidays have limited my time. I will post my NFL picks for this weekend, but probably take some time off until Monday. Then I will post on a more consistent basis for the rest of the time. For the Christmas day NFL game, I pick the Chargers over Titans. Now here is this week's You're Welcome!

1. University Of Texas Athletics: Longhorn football is one win away from winning another National Title. They have been on a roll since Vince Young beat USC in one of the best college football games ever. On top of that, your Basketball team is number 2 in the nation and beat a top ten team handily. This could be like a few years ago when Florida Basketball and Football were the top programs in America, we could be seeing a resurgence of a dominant program in both major sports.

2. Peyton Manning: You're probably going to win a record 4th MVP award. Your team continues to win in exciting fashion to improve your record to 14-0. You want to continue playing to keep winning and to keep your momentum in the playoffs. You will break every record imaginable before you retire. Do we really appreciate how good Manning is? We are seeing the best QB play in NFL history right now, and he is the best in the business.

3. Louis Delmas: The Lion's second round pick has been the best player on defense by far. He hits hard and causes more turnovers than the rest of the team combined. He had his first touchdown of his career in an 101 yard interception return against the Cardinals. The Lions finally have found a safety that hits hard and can make plays. If the Lions were better he would be in talks for Defensive Rookie of the Year. He is something we can build around and make a defense that could be NFL-caliber. Oh, and where did he play in college?

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