Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl Pick Preview

The Super Bowl is only a few days away, and I for one can't wait for the big game.  I say this every year, but it still has the same effect.  And since the Internet still works after Blizzard of '11 (up there with the Great Chipmunk fire of '79) I thought I would do my picks with one blog, and a preview with the other.  Also, I had my mom write up a list of kinda Super Bowl related material for all to enjoy.

The Super Bowl is in a couple of days and Weston once again wanted advice from his Mom. He doesn't need it but it's sweet, right?

1. There are only 2 teams left. Pick your favorite. That was easy.
2. When you are yelling at the players through your TV, they can't hear you.
3. Your team isn't going to win just because you are wearing your lucky socks. FYI when you're home get them into the hamper. (Editor's note:  I can do my own laundry)
4. During the game please don't yell so loud that it could be possible for your team to actually hear you.
5. Having a party? Semi homemade style food is acceptable. You should taste my hot wing sauce! (Editor's note: Man, is that homemade hot wing sauce good!)
6. Offer a dessert. How about ice cream novelties?
7. Beverages don't have to mean alcohol. You might be driving on the same road as one of my loved ones. (Editor's Note:  Be careful)
8. Weston, on your way home can you pick up a gallon of milk? (Editor's Note: Yes)
9. I am so sick and tired of all this snow and cold. Who's with me?? Warm tropical island, warm tropical island.
10. Be careful with your money. (Editor's Note:  Yeah, I guess it could fly away)
11. When driving watch out for others. Have you seen how other people drive?
12. Grooby says all dogs should get 9:00 O'clock cookies. Teddy agrees. (Editor's Note:  My dogs are terribly spoiled and get a cookie every night at 9 O'clock.  MacGruber and Teddy are pampered for sure.)
13. I don't like this number. (Editor's Note: Triskaidekaphobia)
14. How about cheese bread, lasagna and 3 layer bars for super bowl? Not an invitation. (Editor's Note:  YEAAAAAAAAAAH)
15. Dad and I are so proud of you and your brothers and sister. And of James and Daniela and the kids.
You have picked great people as friends.  (Editor's Note:  Awwwww, its like the Wonder Years)

Was this suppose to be all about football? Oh well. I guess most of the time.

Here is the picks!  As you may have already calculated, my sister won the top spot, clinching the first ever Corbitt Pick-a-thon. Nobody made a successful Super Bowl pick, but I got the NFC correct, and if the Pack wins, I would have picked the right champion.  Here are our standings, Super Bowl picks and score predictions!  Enjoy!

Dad:  5-5
Mom: 6-4
Weston: 7-3
Sam: 4-6
Aaron: 3-7
Mary: 9-1

Dad: Packers 27-24
Mom: Packers 29-13
Weston: Packers 21-17
Sam: Packers 32-21
Aaron: Packers 35-25
Mary: Packers 21-14

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