Friday, January 21, 2011

Mary Corbitt Retains Lead, Rest Of Family Close In For Title

Once again, my sister dominated the weekend, going 3-1 to improve her record to 7-1 overall.  Her only miss so far this season is the Seahawks unable to overcome the Bears on Sunday.  My parents got to .500, and I had a 3-1 record as well.  My brothers did hit on some games as well.  There is three games to go, and no Super Bowl predictions are going to come true this year for the Corbitts.  Here are the records so far in the playoffs:

Dad: 4-4
Mom: 4-4
Weston: 5-3
Sam: 3-5
Aaron: 2-6
Mary: 7-1

Here are some thoughts from our competitors:

My mother's reaction to Rex Ryan and the Jets talking trash all week: "I don't like it when people brag. it's like let me tell you how great I am.  There's and old saying actions speak louder than words"  She then added:  "I'd like the Packers to beat the Bears this weekend.  We (my family) had such a good time vacationing in Wisconsin and visiting Lambeau." 

Aaron could not be reached to comment on his terrible football picking record.

Lou commented on how his Super Bowl dream was destroyed:  "My dream of re-living the wondrous '85 Super Bowl has been torn asunder. I blame that Bieber look alike Tom Brady and Captain Cut Sleeves."
And here are the picks for the AFC and NFC championship games:

Dad: Steelers, Bears
Mom: Steelers, Packers
Weston: Steelers, Packers
Sam: Jets, Packers
Aaron: Steelers, Bears
Mary: Steelers, Packers

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