Thursday, January 6, 2011

You're Welcome! Year In Review

I hope everyone had a nice safe New Year's celebration.  This post, we look at the top 5 people this year in sports and who captured our attention.  I am sure there are some very good honorable mentions, and if you do put them in the comments section.

Also, my favorite tournament in sports, the NFL playoffs, are starting this week, and I have an interesting way to cover it this year.  I hope you enjoy it.

1. LeBron James:  His decision show was the biggest spectacle in sports since Evel Knieval, and successfully punched a city in the nose again.  LeBron successfully destroyed an entire franchise and made the NBA more interesting to everyone in America.  Everybody had an opinion, and he knew that the whole time he was "raising money for charity."  Sure, it was brutal to watch, but nobody deserves this more than King James, King of the You're Welcome.

2.  Cliff Lee: He can single handily destroy postseason hopes and shut down a hall of fame lineup.  He can capture our attention thinking about who he'll play for while he hunts deer.  But he can't stop the team of destiny.  Sure, the Giants roughed him up, but Lee gave the Rangers hope and brought a World Series to a team that never could even imagine one.  Now he has teamed up with the most talented NL team to form the Mega Phillies, who should play the Ultra Red Sox or Super Yankees this fall.  The All-Star game will be the Phillies vs the AL-All Stars this year.

3.  Brett Favre:  Although it appears he is retired for good (I bet my money that he is done) Brett gave us another summer of drama, a few magical moments and a reminder why 41 year old grandpas don't play in the NFL.  I will miss him, and probably post something very nice about him next year when it is guaranteed he will not come back ever again.  Nobody has captured the nation quite like number 4.

4. Chicago Blackhawks:  Ugghhhhh.  I hate this fair weather fan Mecca of a hockey team.  Luckily, they sold most of their team away this offseason including one of the players I hated the most Dustin Byfuligen, Byfuglien, Bufflin, or however he spells his last name.  Guess who else doesn't know how to spell it?  Anybody in Atlanta, where he now plays.  Now we can get back to what really is important, watching teams that people actually care about.

5.  The Guy with the Beach Boys Name who plays for the Giants...uh....the one with the beard:  So Brian Wilson is actually a pretty talented guy.  Besides making Paul McCartney's favorite album (Pet Sounds), he can throw a baseball pretty fast, and RAGE!!!!!  I thinking raging is the attack Gyrados learned after he evolved from the Kansas City Royals of Pokemon, Magikarp.  Wilson is a beast and fan favorite, and should close out a lot of 1-0 games for the Giants the next few years.

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