Saturday, January 8, 2011

STWWC's Playoff Predictions: A Whole New Approach

Last year, I was really really poor at predicting NFL Playoff winners.  Then my mom came in and made better picks than I did.  So, I was wondering who is the best in my family at picking football games.  They'll pick every game and we'll see who is the best.  Tiebreakers will be made with Super Bowl predictions, and picking scores (and making it up as we go along).  Here is some profiles (cue the NBA on NBC theme song):

Dad (Lou Corbitt):  The veteran football watcher of the group, he has suffered watching the Lions for decades.  He remembers watching some actual Lions playoffs games!  He always is a force in fantasy football and loves arguing which QBs are the best in pro football.

Week 1 Picks: Packers, Chiefs, Colts, Saints
Super Bowl: Bears vs Patriots, Patriots win

Mom (Jayne Corbitt):  Freelance writer for STWWC, master chef, fantasy football rookie and football Nostradamus.  She is the favorite besides me to win this all.  She picks teams with some unorthodox methods, like who is the nicer guy, which team has a Manning, and who Howie Long picks.  She watches a lot of football, and knows her stuff.  I tell her to start her own blog all the time.

Week 1 Picks: Packers, Chiefs, Colts, Saints
Super Bowl:  Saints vs Colts, Colts win

Weston Corbitt:  Sportswriter, football fan.  You must know me by now.  If not, you have 300 posts and an about me to read.

Week 1 Picks: Packers, Ravens, Colts, Saints
Super Bowl: Packers vs Patriots, Packers win

Sam Corbitt, Brother:  A casual football fan, he still picks up info by living with me.  He was one of the last people to play Halo 2, and is awesome at all video games.  A connoisseur of coffee, music, and chicken sandwiches.  A dark horse for sure.

Week 1 Picks:  Packers, Chiefs, Colts, Saints
Super Bowl: Colts vs Packers, Colts win

Aaron Corbitt, Brother:  A solid football fan, recently converted to MSU for college football, since hes going there to be a doctor/actor/astronaut.  He follows the Lions and can't even remember Barry Sanders or them making the playoffs.  That is just a tragedy.  He is slowly but surely becoming addicted to the NFL.

Week 1 Picks: Eagles, Ravens, Colts, Saints
Super Bowl: Eagles vs Ravens, Ravens win

Mary Corbitt, Sister:  The youngest and only daughter, she runs the house.  If this was a contest to pick between Vampires or Werewolves, she would run away with this.  She says fallen angels are the next big thing, so get on that bandwagon now.  She watches football, and knows the stars and the Lions.  She probably will win this whole contest.  Team Edward all day. 

Week 1 Picks: Packers, Ravens, Jets, Seahawks
Super Bowl: Falcons vs Ravens, Ravens win

So there is the picks.  What are we playing for?  Probably nothing.  Check in every Saturday for more picks.

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  1. Lets talk about the fact your sister was perfect in the first round eh?