Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Michigan Makes Another Terrible Hire

Brady Hoke was just named the new head coach at the University Of Michigan.  And that hiring was bad.  Really bad.  But how bad was it?

Hoke's career record is 47-50 as a Head Coach. This was playing teams the like of San Jose State, Buffalo, Temple, and Eastern Michigan.  He is 1-1 in bowl games, and in his best season, Ball State lost to Buffalo in the MAC Title game, then lost in the GMAC Bowl.  Sounds sweet.  But it gets better. 

He was a hot coaching candidate after he decided to leave Ball State with the cupboard bare.  His big move?  To San Diego State.  With many other jobs open, and with the opportunity to move up the ranks, he made a lateral move.  Its not like he said to himself, "better take the same job but with better weather."  There is a reason he wasn't hired by one of the big boys.  The same reason nobody hired Rod Marinelli after being one of the most respected assistant coaches in the NFL.  Then the Lions did.  And disaster ensued. 

He did have a solid year last season with SDST.  But how much is that worth?  Not much to me.  Of course, maybe he can not be a sub .500 coach with a crappy resume that only got him hired because it said MICHIGAN on it.  Now we play the waiting game.