Friday, June 17, 2011

Lets Not Forgot Those Who Won

This week sports fan got a special treat as the NHL and NBA concluded and for many people their dreams came true for those who lost.  LeBron and the evil Heatles lost in 6 games to the team oriented Dallas Mavericks, who have only one superstar on their roster.  Luongo and the choke artist Canucks once again blew a lead in a series to be outplayed down the stretch.  But I feel like lost in all of this joy of the villains losing, we will forget the achievements of the heroes, much like every Superman movie ever. 

I just hope that people can successfully balance out LeBron losing with Dirk winning.  Dirk had a great story, a redemption story, versus a superstar version of the team that did it earlier this decade.  Sure, LeBron made a bunch of people angry but he didn't lose as much as Dirk won.  Look at Jason Kidd, who turned his career around by learning how to shoot a basketball.  Sure, the Big Three will probably get a title if basketball is played within the next few years.  But, lets not let the hatred for the losers cloud our judgement.

Same with the NHL.  A lot of people rooted against Vancouver because they had some players that rub them the wrong way, because they wanted to see that Canadian drought run longer, or because they have been built up into a great team.  But Tim Thomas, the NHL's Dirk, won his first cup and possibly the Vezina in a few weeks.  He battled in the minors for years to finally get a shot to win.  Boston has waited as a city for so long for a title from their sometime forgotten Bruins. 

 I just hope five years from now, we see this is as the month where Dirk and Thomas overcame the odds and waiting for years to win titles in their sports, not lost titles for two all star teams. 

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