Saturday, March 14, 2009



The Lions have traded perennial underachiever/substantially overpaid DT Corey Redding and a fifth round pick to Seattle for LB Julian Peterson.

Personally I am very happy with this move. Peterson, a ten year vet who went to Michigan State gets to be a centerpiece of a almost assuredly improving defense (can't get any worse). We get rid of Redding who never lived up to the expectations of his huge contract, especially after Rogers was traded last year.

Personally I have loved almost everything Mayhew has done since he took over for Millen. This trade was awesome, getting a great player. I'm sure Detroit saves some cap room too. He pulled off the Roy Williams trade, getting three extra picks for a guy who wasn't going to sign with us anyway. He found some decent talent during the season (including Standeford, a WR I am pretty high on as a third option.) He signed Johnson, Jackson and Buchanon to cheap contracts, assembled an awesome coaching staff. Now is where he will really earn his money, the NFL draft. He has exceeded my expectations now, but by the end of April we will all see if hes the real deal.


  1. Good move. You get a proven NFL linebacker in exchange for one of Millen's classic blockbuster signings. Plus, Peterson went to MSU. YOU'RE WELCOME!

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