Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughts from my desk.

  1. One of the many sad moments of being a Detroit Lions fan as I am is the draft is one of the most anticipated times of the year for my beloved franchise. I look over the draft board and realize how we screwed up by going 0-16 in a year with no clear number 1. I will announce formally to my loyal readers my choice for number 1 selection is Aaron Curry linebacker, Wake Forest. Matt Stafford would not be a bad choice, but so many other good quarterbacks on the board next year, we should see what happens with Culpepper, or sign another retired quarterback halfway through another miserable year. Let us all pray to Jim "The Saviour" Schwartz.
  2. Do not remove fighting from hockey. Period. That would be one of the worst moves in sports in a long time. Ask a random person walking down the street and ask them if they would like hockey more if fighting was removed. If they say yes they are most likely a U of M grad or someone who is saying it to look humane in today's world. The alternative of any star getting pummeled and beaten up is too scary.
  3. Michigan sucks slightly less at basketball. Manny Harris, who is a rare example of a U of M athlete who is a Kinesiology major (oh wait) leads the way for Corn and Blue. I heard a sports announcer (most likely Brent Musberger) said he is a candidate for Big Ten player of the year. That was a bigger joke then giving Rosie O'Donnell another show (yeah she had one a few weeks ago or something, if you didn't know its ok). Michigan should make the tournament and lose in the first round, hopefully getting T'd up for calling one more extra time out.
  4. The World Baseball Classic finishes its first round tonight with Mexico vs Cuba. The second round starts Saturday. I have personally loved this tournament, with classic upsets and upstart teams knocking off top talent. I hope to see this continue into the next round and make predictions in the next post.
  5. Wings vs Calgary tonight at 7. Lets hope to get some goaltending and stop Olli and Leopold and the new look Flames.
  6. Tomorrow Michigan State takes on Minnesota in the Big Ten Tourney. Should be a win for an underrated team in an underrated conference. Western has already been eliminated in the MAC tourney to end a disappointing season.
  7. Western take on U of M in hockey in the second round of CCHA playoffs this weekend starting Friday night.


  1. Very cool man. Think the Netherlands will end up playing the US in round too? Also, have any predictions for how the NCAA tourney will play out?

  2. I would love to see the USA play the Netherlands in the second round. They are a pesky team that beats you by taking advantage of ever mistake you make. For the tourney, despite losing to WVU, Pitt is a personal favorite, also look for Kansas and UNC.

  3. Alright responses:

    1. Offensive line. Don't care. You build around an O-Line. The great defenses, even if they had shitty/adequate QBs, they had good O-Lines.
    2. What gets fans up out of their seats? What stops a guy walking on the concourse with beers? What quiets down the bar for a few moments? 1. Goals and replays of them. 2. Big hits. 3. Shootouts/spectacular saves. 4. Fights. Simple as that.
    3. Sounds to me like if you're going to get down 20 and come back to cut it to 7, you should either not get down so far, or you should finish the job.
    4. I'll refrain from shitting on your parade.
    5. D'oh!
    6. Get da W!
    7. Fight Broncos Fight!