Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goran Suton wants you to root for MSU in the Final Four!!!

  • MSU played an amazing game against the Louisville Cardinals this afternoon. Honestly in the second half, the Spartans just wanted it more. They shot from behind the arc like madmen and fed Suton down low for seemingly easy buckets. In my opinion, that and his long range shooting makes him a candidate for the NBA. He can't really dribble or move with the ball, but he moves well without the ball and passes well, is 6'10'' and 245. He would be a work in progress and may need a few years in Europe but could do well for some team in the association.
  • Kalin Lucas played as well as anybody. He shot clutch threes and helped pull the game away. He found his open teammates and made smart plays all night. He displayed the talent you want from a prime time player.
  • To win against UConn, MSU will have to play a lot like they did to beat Louisville. Suton and Ibok will have to combine to shut down Thabeet and try to limit him. Most likely Suton won't be able to dominate down low scoring and rebounding like he did to day, but I would like to see Thabeet cover him when he spots up for three. That may be the match up of the game. Kalin and Walton will have to limit turnovers and have smart possessions and find the open man. We will have to use a rotation Morgan, Roe, Summers and Allen to keep us fresh and keep the energy going through the game. Shooting well from behind the arc for the whole team could erase leads and keep the game close, or extend a lead and let MSU dictate with some old fashion Big Ten basketball. Free throws are important as we could go to the stripe a lot. MSU fouled Louisville a lot and we can't get into foul trouble and fall behind and play into UConn's game plan. Calhoun will have his team ready despite any allegations that may pester them throughout the week. Izzo will have to have his boys play in the moment and play to the level we know they can reach.
  • The Red Wings lost again to the Nashville Predators at the Joe today. They gave up 3 third period goals and Osgood imploded again. Although the refs stole a goal from us (yes stole it was past the line well before the net was knocked loose). Next week the Red Wings will be humiliated on national TV as we play the Wild on NBC.
  • The Pistons...........they won. Hooray! We got some players back and we won. How bout that? Next up Larry Brown and the Bobcats, who are in the ninth spot behind us.
  • I've basically conceded that the Detroit Lions will draft Stafford if we can't trade for Cutler. The Cutler deal wouldn't happen until later, probably near the draft. I would like Jason Smith but I don't really seeing that happen. A lot of speculation though. We will just have to see.


  1. Goran Suton has made a case for a lottery pick in the NCAA Tournament. MOP for the regional is a good way to start.

    It would be fantastic to see Raymar Morgan play, but he just hasn't been the same player since he got sick.

    I thought the fouls were going to end MSU, especially with the foul discrepancy being at 5-0 after the first 4 minutes of the 2nd half, and then at 8-2 and 10-4. The Spartans' defense just locked down in true Izzo-form and just was awesome.

    At this point in the week, I'm still not even looking up to Detroit and UConn. Maybe it's because I'm just still awe-inspired, but sometimes one just needs to reflect on where you are before you go again, or else you won't appreciate it as fully. That being said, I now claim, as I did after they clinched the Big Ten title (at, we're not done. Of the four goals, they've gotten two of a possible three. The final goal is much more obvious now, but certainly it has been a fantastically successful season so far.

  2. Good luck to MSU in the final four!

    -A U of M fan

  3. I wouldn't go as far as calling Suton a Lottery pick, but a good Final Four and anything is possible. It worked for Carmello right?