Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Detroit Lions Draft Review: Part 1

STWWC Draft Grade: B

Best Pick: Brandon Pettigrew

Possible Steal: Sammie Lee Hill

First I will start by saying I am fine with the Lions taking Matt Stafford with the first pick. It helps a lot to have a franchise QB to lead a team. If we took the QB next year (Sam Bradford of Oklahoma or Colt McCoy of Texas would be possible choices) he would have to ride the bench as Stafford appears to be this year. This would delay overall development of the team by another year. Stafford has the big NFL arm you are looking for. I know his accuracy is in question, but so was Jay Cutler’s a few years back. Aaron Curry would have been nice, but he would probably be switching positions to play middle linebacker. Ernie Sims and Julian Peterson are good Outside Linebackers, and the possible addition of Larry Foote could give the Lions a far improved LB core. I think the Lions biggest need is on the defensive line. Sammie Lee Hill could change that. He is a big physical presence from a small college who needs good coaching to unlock his potential. Luckily, we have Grady Jackson and Chuck Darby to hold the line down now.

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