Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Detroit Lions Draft Review: Part 2

At first I did not like the Brandon Pettigrew pick. I know how a tight end is important to an offense. Look what Jason Witten, Greg Olsen, John Carlson and Owen Daniels do for their teams. They help block for the running and passing game and are valuable to convert on third down. The Lions have not had a good TE since David Sloan left for the Saints. Pettigrew can add another weapon on the offense and solidify the running, passing and blocking game. I personally wanted a MLB or OL to help two of our needs. But, I see the difference in Millen and Mayhew there in that pick. Millen would have reached for a name or a position no matter what (like he did with Godser Cherilus and Jordan Dizon with the first two picks last year) and would not consider taking best talent available. It filled a need (although not a huge one) and will help Stafford in the long run with another weapon, but unlike a wide receiver, Pettigrew can get tough, physical, NFC North style yardage.

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