Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Detroit Lions Draft Review: Part 4

The middle to late rounds in the draft for the Lions was pretty good, getting depth and possible special teams starters. Zach Follett out of Cal looks like a monster on the special teams. He was a tackle for loss specialist for Cal and has the size to be a solid depth guy. I was really high on him during the second day of the draft, and with good coaching and drive, he could be a decent starter for the Lions. Aaron Brown out of TCU was a strange pick. Aaron Brown is another running back, another kick returner and a possible third down back in the sixth round. I thought Morris or Williams could return kicks and that we addressed the running back situation in free agency. I guess he was the best player available at that point. Overall, a good draft, not great right now but the potential to be in a few years. Remember Lions fans, we can’t do this all in one draft. So not taking a middle linebacker, offensive line or much defense is not a big deal yet. Give it time, and I think Schwartz and Mayhew can pull this off.

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