Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NBA Analysis from Guest Correspondent Nick Felver

Since Basketball is not my strongest sport (I think I can hold my own in college but definitely not the NBA) and all the major sports networks and publications have their own guest correspondents, so will I. Introducing the newest member of Season Tickets With Weston Corbitt, my roommate and local Basketball expert, Nick Felver. A Bulls fan and a wealth of knowledge, look for him to breakdown everything on the hardwood.

-Weston Corbitt

The big story of the draft has to be the Timberwolves parlaying their multitude of picks into four point guards and a shooting guard. Apparently, there are no other positions on a basketball squad. While at first glance, the drafting of four point guards is sheer lunacy, the T-wolves have been wheeling and dealing and are now down to two, Johnny Flynn and Ricky Rubio. Rubio could fetch some value on the trade market, making Flynn Minnesota’s point guard of the future.

Blake Griffin is a freak of nature. If only it wasn’t for that durned Clippers curse…

At first I was thrilled with the Bull’s draft. They needed to get some scoring power down low and taking James Johnson at 16, while a bit undersized, fits the bill. I was excited about Taj Gibson because he is a 6’10” beast, but it seems like his game mirrors that of Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas in that he’s not much of a scorer. Perhaps this pick could have been used to shore up the perimeter with the expected loss of Ben Gordon to free agency and the potential loss of Kirk Hinrich to a trade. Wayne Ellington or Sam Young would have been nice here.

Hansbrough could be the next Christian Laettner. A ringing endorsement, I know. He’s physical enough for the NBA but that patented flip-shot of his will get blocked now.

I’m totally flabbergasted by the hornets taking a point guard with their first pick. Hey New Orleans, you have this dude named Chris Paul. He’s pretty good.

Not too sure about the Pistons. Austin Daye has great height at 6’11” but doesn’t have the weight to play down low. DaJuan Summers is a strong physical player at 6’9” and 243 pounds. They have potential but isn’t Detroit pretty set on the wings with Tayshawn and Rip? Could be some trades coming. After all, no one is safe according to Dumars.

On another local note, MSU alum Goran Suton gets a look in the second round from the Utah Jazz. He fits in at least visually with the crew of white forwards that the Jazz have assembled. He’ll get a chance because he’s long and can shoot, but he could be playing in Europe for a year or two.

The Spurs get another late steal in DaJuan Blair. He breaks faces, arms, and wills in his quest for rebounds. He and Tim Duncan should become good buddies down low for San Antonio.

Richard Jefferson Starship to the Spurs revitalizes Duncan and Co. Shaq to the Cavs will be more fun than a barrel of spider monkeys. Oh yeah, he should help on the court also. Vince Carter will be fun to watch in Orlando but they must re-sign Turkoglu.

Free agency starts July 1st. I love this time of year and can’t wait for next season.

-Nick Felver


  1. While we've got you, how about the Pistons firing Michael Curry?

  2. Good move. While Dumars didn't handle it well, Curry should never have been hired in the first place. He got a raw deal with the Iverson trade but you can't tell me he was better than Flip