Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thoughts From My Desk June 30th Edition

  • Ed Belfour, 44 years old, wishes to make a comeback in the NHL. His agent is contacting teams for a possible deal to be signed before training camps start. The Red Wings always want to sign veteran goalies and could be a logical choice. The Wings showed interest in Belfour before signing Dominick Hasek in 2003. Belfour last played in Sweden in the 2007-2008 season.
  • The K-Wings, Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo are working out a deal to build a new arena in downtown Kalamazoo for Hockey and Basketball. The K-Wings are moving up in minor league Hockey, from the International Hockey League to the East Coast Hockey League (equivalent to baseball's AA leagues. The American Hockey League would be AAA.) and desperately need a new arena. The same can be said for the Broncos, with Lawson Arena being over 35 years old. We all saw what happened to Miami of Ohio when the built new facilities and made the Frozen Four this year before a monumental collapse kept them from the title game. Who is paying for all this and how much has not been determined, but a idea thrown around has been raising restaurant taxes from 6% to 7% for Kalamazoo. In November a vote will determine how far this can go. Bronco Men's Basketball could also be involved as University Arena is also in need of some repairs. More on this story when it becomes available.
  • The Detroit Lions traded for Wide Receiver Dennis Northcutt from the Jacksonville Jaguars for Safety Gerald Alexander. With 7 safeties on the roster the injury prone Alexander was deemed expendable for the 31 year old Northcutt, who is now the most veteran wide receiver on the roster. He adds depth behind Calvin "Megatron" Johnson for the upcoming season.

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