Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brett Favre Embarrasses Green Bay Packers, Weston Corbitt in Recent Comeback

I wrote an article on Brett Favre not long ago about him turning down the Minnesota Vikings and his reluctance to come back to the NFL. Yesterday, Favre completed a return to the NFL signing a 2 year, 25 million dollar deal to play QB for the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings had a solid showing from Sage Rosenfels in their first preseason game, but HC Brad Childress still was pursuing Favre the entire three weeks after Favre said no thanks.

Favre suited up and practiced with the team after flying to Minnesota and being picked up by Childress himself. In a press conference Tuesday night, Favre said that real Packer fans would understand his situation and that choosing the Vikings was not revenge. Packer fans, do not accept that. Favre could have played for any other team in the league. There is a reason he picked the Vikings, and it all cannot be the talent around him or how easy the playbook would be to pick up. Packer fans, you do not have to understand. Favre walked out into the sunset the way a gunslinger can, throwing an interception in a desperate attempt to send the Packers to a Super Bowl. He had a tearful goodbye from Green Bay saying he was done, only to come back and want to change his mind. By then the Packers committed to Aaron Rodgers (a good choice, as Rodgers threw for over 4,000 yards and 28 touchdowns) and were only interested in him competing for his job. Favre was later traded to the Jets after a summer of coverage (and an appearance on Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, the original guest, Presidential Candidate John McCain). Favre faded down the stretch, missed the playoffs and announced his retirement from the Jets. New York drafted Mark Sanchez from USC and released Favre. Favre then announced he would not return to play in the NFL this season.

The Brett did it again, coming back to the Vikings and upsetting legions of die hard cheese heads. Over 1500 number 4 Favre Jerseys have sold on as of last night. Now, the week 8 meeting in Lambeau has a chance to be the highest rated regular season game this year.

Favre’s legacy has been destroyed. I am not a Packers fan, but I could forgive Favre for one year in New York when he felt he was pushed out and had something to prove. Now he has joined the arch enemy in an attempt to lead the team to an elusive Super Bowl win. Packer fans should be outraged their most famous player has taken those 16 magical years in Green Bay and throwing them away for personal gain. Packer fans will not recognize a game managing Favre that is a shell of his old self. Favre should have considered more than himself when making decisions on playing again. He is now a selfish, attention loving football player, not a team first tough leader we all saw in Green Bay. All the things he stood for in Green Bay and all the things he said about loving Green Bay cannot be true if he is doing this. I hope the Lions beat him twice. I hope the Packers beat him twice. I will watch a lot of Vikings game. I love the NFC North and watching a future Hall of Famer play. But this is too much Favre. Think of your former fans, for once, Brett.

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