Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick Signs Deal With Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick has ended the speculation by signing a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. The amount is not yet released, but the second year is a club option. Vick signed to the team he played in his only appearance in the NFC Championship game. Vick will enter camp training and learning the offense and will try and play in the final two preseason games. The Eagles opened preseason last night against New England. The Eagles do travel to Atlanta in Week 13 so I am sure Falcon and PETA fans will be pretty upset at Vick. Yet to be heard is the opinion of QB Donovan McNabb, who was pretty upset when the Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb out of Houston. Vick won't challenge for the starting spot, but could be a good backup this year, a slash player and someone to run the wildcat. The offense is similar to the west coast system he ran in Atlanta so that will help Vick's cause. Vick won't be available to play in the NFL till week 6 right now, but he will probably try and appeal to Commissioner Goodell if he is ready. The Eagles have avoided players with character issues since Terrell Owens ripped the team apart with a feud with Donovan McNabb and a contract dispute. Owens did take the team to their second Super Bowl in Franchise history, but was too much for management and coaching to handle. The circus that will ensue should be entertaining and take away from Favre not returning.

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