Friday, August 28, 2009

My Article On MLive

Until I figure out the website a little better, I will post my news articles I write on STWWC. Reporting on games can be found on, but I will have a full link to my page shortly. Enjoy this game preview!

Tonight, at Panther Stadium the Coloma Comets will take on the Watervliet Panthers in the Super Bowl of Southwest Michigan football. Coloma has been dominant in the series but tonight holds a whole new set of challenges. When both teams take the field at 7 in the rainy overcast more will be at stake then a win or bragging rights. Tonight offers a chance for the Panthers to find redemption for all those years of losing by winning the game more people will remember than any other. Coloma has to win, like they always do. With great winning streaks comes great pressure. But remember, underneath the helmets and commemorative jerseys both teams are wearing, are high school kids with a dream of becoming part of the legend in the huge rivalry.

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