Friday, July 9, 2010

You're Welcome! The Fallout

Last night was pretty crazy.  LeBron turned into the biggest arrogant d-bag in the world, who had to do this TV special to break Cleveland's souls even more.  But, You're Welcome isn't just for good guys.

1. LeBron James:  Last night, LeBron went from hometown lovable star to ultra mega extreme a-hole.  The hour long special was an absolute joke, ESPN approving it was almost just as bad.  ESPN used to be really cool, now its like any other news station, who shamelessly promote and shove down our throats what stories they like the most.  The ESPN Talk Machine was in full effect last night.  The only coverage that got this right was Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

But, besides all that, LeBron became the biggest story in sports for a summer, perhaps longer.  And the emotion runs so strong, Cleveland fans are burning jerseys and denouncing him as king.  LeBron did just put himself in a position to win more than 1 NBA titles in his run in Miami.  I doubt they will win this year, but with some more work they could be incredible.

2. Dan Gilbert: The Cavs owner, the Ultimate Fathead and MSU Alum, shot off a salvo of words back to LeBron.  Saying things like he quit, the Cavs will win a title before Miami and the King cowardly betrayed his hometown, Gilbert's response was necessary and welcomed.  Gilbert tried his best to keep James, signing Shaq, courting Izzo, absolutely pouring cash into the team.  I really hope he turns around the Cavs, but its going to be rough for a while.

3. Miami Heat:  Wade, Bosh, LeBron.  They are bigger than the big 3.  They have little supporting cast, (recently signed Mike Miller, solid PG Mario Chalmers) but in five years they can build a team that should be able to win multiple titles.  Riley will coach at some point.  Trust me.  But the team is the talk of the sports world, for now and until 2015.  The Heat didn't know if they would resign Wade, then won the grand prix of free agency.

Honorable Mention:  Chris Broussard: Much like Wendy Nix was launched into America's TVs after she was covering Brett Favre's every move, Broussard was ESPN's pick to cover all things LeBron and NBA.  Although hes not very good at his job, he is going to be the guy for the NBA on ESPN for a while.

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