Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. Cleveland Indians: Its tough to live in Cleveland, root for a team that trades 2 excellent pitchers and never see a winner. But the Indians have started red hot out of the All-Star break, destroying the Tigers and looking a lot better. Building with youth is hard, and in baseball money translates to wins. But for now, take this band-aid Cleveland.

2. NCAA: After handing down punishments to USC, it looks like Alabama and Florida are in the cross hairs as well. It looks like the era of college football and basketball players making money and everybody knowing about it over. In this world of Twitter and Facebook, its hard to cover things up like in the good old days where a man could a living playing college football. Rhett Bomar set off this heightened effort into looking into college players, and hopefully it continues.

3. Lou Piniella: Sweet Lou is calling it quits after this season, and baseball will surely miss him. He won the 1990 World Series with Cinncy, led the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to a then record of not being in last place and showed us yelling and throwing things makes you loved in America. He led the Cubs to back to back division titles in 07 and 08 (that just doesn't happen) and although the last two years haven't been that great, he will be in the Hall Of Fame soon enough, and hopefully in the broadcast booth even sooner.

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