Thursday, July 1, 2010

People I Less Than Appreciate In Sports

You ever sit around and watch a game with friends or family and a face pops up on the TV you just can’t stand?   Well, I’m human too and have some people in sports I just can’t stand.  And it always isn’t the opposing coach or another’s team star player who is also a jerk (Mike Hart).   Now when you are watching a sporting event and think “Boy, I wish I knew what Weston Corbitt thinks about this guy?” you’ll know.  And of course, if I don’t cover that person in this list, just ask and I’ll sure respond to you. I’ll save you the time to read why I don’t like Matt Millen.  You should really know by now.  Here are some other people I don’t like in the world of sports.
Cris Carter- He is a terrible analyst, resorting to the obvious after he makes stupid comments.  Lied about Mike Williams and Charles Rogers, so I automatically lost respect for him.  He yells louder the stupider the comment he makes, and is on a terribly overrated NFL pregame show.
Chris Berman- Is anyone sick of his stupid references and his bragging of his house on an island paradise?  His little catchphrases stopped being cool around 1985.  He is like Jack Nicholson, because he only plays a parody of himself at this point in his career.  Sadly, he does about everything on ESPN so I have to withstand his barrage of stupidity.
Mitch Albom- His writing is too poetic and he tries too hard.  Sure, he loves the state and Detroit, so I’ll give him points for that.  I prefer so many other sportswriters to him, and his well documented love affair with the University of Michigan is comical. He writes a lot of dumb articles too, I think he tries to go against the grain too much.  Probably a good guy, but no thanks.
Brent Musberger- Another guy who loves the Corn and Blue far too much.  He did go to Northwestern, so his reasoning is obvious.  Another guy who gets way too much credit for what he does, since there are people who are better.  Hes has been around forever, so the living legend crap applies here, a la Keith Jackson before he retired.  Some people find him fascinating, but not my cup of tea.
Shannon Sharpe- Annoying personality, loud and obnoxious.  Sure, he was a great Tight End back in the day, but hes pretty hard to tolerate.   Maybe I am biased, but the Fox Pregame is my favorite because people annoy me the less.  Sharpe just rubs me the wrong way, and he doesn’t add anything to my football experience.
Troy Aikman- “Totally agree with you” is a statement I hear far too often when the Joe Buck and Troy Aikman ruin my telecast.  He is too nice, and doesn’t say anything constructive or interesting.  On top of that, he was an overrated quarterback.
Chris Collingsworth- Always talks about holes and penetration in his telecasts.  Besides that, he is just rambles too much and adds nothing to the broadcast.  And yet, everybody at NBC loves him.  I was hating on him when he did the Fox Pregame.  He has Lane Kiffin syndrome, a guy who keeps getting good jobs for no reason.
Shawn Merriman-The “Lights Outs” dance is stupid.  Please stop. 
Jeremy Roenick- Is comically bad at covering hockey.  Didn’t like him much as a player and his cry fest after the Blackhawks won the cup was lame.  Remember Don Cherry owning him?  I sure do.
Vs- Awful hockey coverage, although they have improved since they first started.  They break out a “who’s that” analyst lineup and the pregame show is run out of a basement.  Bettman turned down the ESPN offer for this?  Vs makes me angry I don’t get CBC or TSN in my apartment for hockey coverage.

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