Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're Welcome

1. Spain: The Nation with a best/worst chance to win the World Cup (very talented, but they have never won before and the number one team in the world before the World Cup have never won) came out in the Iberian showdown, presented by Ro-Tel International, and beat Portugal, led by the newest Nike Write the Future curse victim Christiano Ronaldo.  Portugal is an incredible team and plays incredible defense but the Spanish made one more great play by Xavi and David Villa.  They get an easier quarterfinal vs Paraguay then onto the Final Four if they win.  Very quietly, Spain is getting past their first game loss to the Swiss and playing like we expect them too.

2. ESPN: The NBA Finals were one of the best and most watched of the last 20 years, and ESPN was behind a lot of it.  Then, ESPN got exclusive rights for the World Cup and those ratings have been very solid, combined with views on  The US national team's success only helped the ratings for the sports super power, with most games being played when people are at work or sleeping.  Now, add on top of all that the NBA Super Free Agency Ultra Mega Scramble and ESPN is having a very good summer.

3. Chicago White Sox:  This sucks.  The White Sox, who have incredible pitching, finally put it together and are winning games in bunches.  Sure, some are against my Cubs, but it is impressive nonetheless.  The White Sox need some serious hitting (their DH, the fall off the face of the Earth Andruw Jones, is hitting .199) but if they can find some, they could be a serious threat in the AL Central.  The Royals and Indians are awful, but the Tigers and White Sox will have a battle royal between two .500 ball clubs to try and make the playoffs.  The White Sox went from sellers to buyers and are only 1.5 games back of first, and are my pick to finish behind the Twins in the Central.

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