Tuesday, June 22, 2010

US Soccer vs Algeria

Tomorrow the United States plays another "most important game ever"  in a match vs Algeria to decide whether the Yanks move out of group play and move on to the elimination round.  The US could have won or lost both games they have played in, and needed some breaks to get to this point.  Still, they are in the position any team would want to be in right now.  Win and advance.

The Worst:  The US gives up another early goal but the defense of Algeria (1 goal in 2 games) keeps the offense shut down as the Algerians closed up space and play for the win.  Then in the other game England bails themselves out of a France like situation and beats Slovenia.  The US blows an incredible opportunity to advance in an easier group and goes home with a sense of failure.  Its 2006 all over again, as the US had a chance to win and move on after tying a world power and doesn't cash in.

The Best:  The US wins, and England wins too.  The US wins by more goal differential, winning the group with England coming in second.  Then the US goes onto the elimination stage with the confidence of a win, against Ghana, the Group D second team.  The US beats the young Ghana squad for revenge in 06.  Onto the Elite 8, the US now digs in and holds on for dear life. 

What will happen:  The US and Slovenia win, with Slovenia winning the group.  With the second place finish, I would bet the US faces Germany in the elimination stage, another team the US wants to beat to pay them back for 2002.  The US can beat them, but will they is another question.  Algeria takes pride out of tying England.  England goes back disgraced with a lot of questions. 

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