Monday, June 28, 2010

Thoughts From My Desk: World Cup

Soccer: They have got to get some changes to the sport. I know they haven't changed since the 1870's but I think some new additions are needed. The refs have to start calling simulation (diving) more. It is really turning off a lot of fans over here (and abroad I'm sure) and the game could benefit. Sure, basketball is pretty bad too, but its no where as bad as some of the soccer acting. Getting rid of that, and simulated injuries (to kill time) needs to happen before Brazil 2014. Some refs crack down on it more, but still its getting really bad.

Also, like every other sport in the world, soccer needs to get a form of video review. Even baseball did, and that sport is just as old as soccer. The system should be at least to review goals, if they crossed the line, offsides, etc. FIFA likes to create controversy and I respect that, but I'd rather get calls right than be upset about a bonehead call. FIFA says they don't want to slow down a game with a review, but its OK to lay on the ground like you just got shot and get carried off on a stretcher only to pop back up and walk back on defense.

England: English fans are just like Notre Dame fans, only meaner and drunker. They expect greatness and nothing else every year, but they always disappoint. They point to their high paid, short tenured coaches and great recruiting talent for reasons to win, but the players have no desire. Then, when they get beaten by a lesser talented team, they want to blow it all up and start again without looking at the real reasons they are overrated. England just wasted a great generation and will have a real tough time doing well in Brazil.

France, Italy: Both nations thought experience would win, but both were embarrassed. The younger squads (Germany, Argentina) are doing far better. Italy played their game and was beaten, and France was the biggest mess in sports. Meanwhile, South America is killing teams. Has the rest of the world caught up to Europe? Possibly, but Europe did itself no favors putting out squads that had a razor thin margin of error.

US:  Not to beat a dead horse, but the US really wasted an opportunity  Saturday.  With a win, the US had a direct path to the Final Four and could have sparked more interest in the sport here.  And, in a match up versus Brazil or the Netherlands (most likely) the US could have pulled off a miracle, or at worst play in the Third place game.  That would be best case, but still.  They played awful and Bradley did himself no favors with his lineup problems.  Still they took the game to extra time.  The team will probably be younger and better for 2014, but the building has to start now.  If the players don't have confidence in Bradley, hes out.  Can they get farther, or have they peaked under this coach? 

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