Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. Armando Galarraga and Jim Joyce:  I know I am giving both a You're Welcome, but Joyce and Galaragga showed incredible class after a tough perfect game mistake.  Joyce blew the call, then defended his call to the death, saw a replay and apologized.  He was sincere, worked the plate the next day instead of taking the day off (MLB suggested him to do that) and did a great job.  Galarraga was even more impressive.  He handled losing immortality with even more class, and didn't complain or yell once, not even on the field.  Sometimes, events transcend sports.  This is one of those moments.  Sure, Galarraga pitched a perfect game too, but this is almost as important.  Also, two honorable mentions.  One for Selig not changing the call and opening up a can of worms, and two to Chevrolet for giving Armando a beautiful 2010 Corvette convertible.

2. Stephen Strasburg:  This kid is special.  14 Ks in your first start, mowing down a (AAA) Major League lineup all at home in a packed house?  His poise was incredible for a guy who has been followed since he took off at San Diego State.  With his first win, the hype only grows.  He is the savior for the Nats and baseball in DC.  Now lets see what he does for an encore. 

3. Derek Fisher: Took over a critical Game 3 in the NBA Finals in the fourth quarter and scored 11 points, including an incredible camera busting lay-up and one.  Fisher is usually just a spectator to the Kobe show in the fourth quarter, but he took a one point lead and never looked back.  Sure, the 35 year old man can't cover Rondo, but he is showing the Lakers are far more than 2 players. 

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