Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You're Welcome! USA Soccer Edition

1.  Landon Donovan: The face of US soccer Landon "Legend" Donovan put in the game winner versus Algeria in stoppage time.  The goal will go down in US soccer history as the one that changed the US fortunes in this tournament, maybe more.  He started the comeback against Slovenia, and got the winner here after the US squandered tons of chances all game.  He was quiet most of the game, but he made the biggest play on the biggest stage. 

2. Bob Bradley:  After the US passed on Klinsman for team coach, people saw the Arena assistant and thought "lets see what this guy can do."  Well, he took us to the Confederation Cup finals, beating Spain and almost beating Brazil.  Then, we won CONCACAF over a charging Mexico, leading us into the World Cup.  Then he must have written some great halftime speeches,  because the US evened up against Slovenia in the second half and won against Algeria in stoppage time.  His tactics have been solid and has earned himself an extension. 

3. Jozy Altidore: The beast on the US team, he was probably the Man of the Match against Algeria, because all he didn't do was score the winner.   He physical play and yellow card magnet style helped the Yanks win the match.  He hasn't been scoring much yet, but he has played very well with all the pressure on the 20 year old.  He just needs to cash in on his chances, and he will be a force for the US for years.

Honorable Mention: England, despite their team unity problems, Wayne Rooney not showing up and other team headaches, advanced with a win over Slovenia, who probably played the best out of Group C.  England has all the talent in the world, but like Germany, Italy and Spain and France, haven't put it together.

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