Monday, June 21, 2010

Lets Not Go After This Haynesworth Guy

A lot of Lions fans love names.  Signing names sometimes works, as our free agent acquisitions (Bill Schroeder, James Stewart) are usually lackluster.  But signing Haynesworth wouldn't help the team at this point.

He would be a headache and a distraction and for any price I wouldn't trade for him.  Sure, his old coach is here but that doesn't guarantee he would play well or hard at all.  Last year he got his paycheck and played awful in a 4-3 last year.  Now he doesn't want to play in a 3-4.  Where does it end?  He'll not want to play in Cunningham's system, he won't want to play in a dome, he won't want to wear blue uniforms.  Now that he got his money hes a different player and person. 

Before you pull up that article I wrote for why the Lions should sign TO, there is a difference.  Owens shows up to camp, plays and trains hard and doesn't change when he gets money.  Hes an older player who would be a piece, as he was in Buffalo last year, where he was very quiet.  He would sign with the Lions, for a good deal, practice and play hard during the season.   Haynesworth would be a disaster.

With Suh, Hill and Williams, the Lions have a good rotation at defensive tackle and Haynesworth would be holding up the progression of Suh and Hill.  Also, what would it cost?  I'm guessing a second or third round pick, which still can bring a piece for out system.  Any way you slice it, its not worth it. 

Lions fans have to stay the course and not reach for a gamble at this point.  We have signed, drafted or traded for some serious talent upgrades.  Right now Haynesworth would throw a wrench in our plans.  Maybe if we were a better, more established team at this point but right now it would be a terrible addition to the Honolulu Blue and Silver.

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