Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You're Welcome! Tim Howard is Number 1

1. Tim "Homeland Security" Howard: He came up big and bailed out the US multiple times (insert your own political jokes here) holding a 1-1 draw versus the Tea drinkers across the pond.  He made many of those saves with "screwed up ribs" (its a medical term) and got a painkiller shot during halftime.  He'll do that as well against those arrogant Slovenia Little Dragons (real nickname) who if you confused them with Slovakia, its basically the same country so don't feel bad.  Here is the Wikipedia for Slovenia if your bored.  But Mr. Howard, who was offered a chance to play with the Harlem Globetrotters, is essential to any US run in the World Cup.  Plus, hes the best in the World.

2. The Big 12:  They avoided a nuclear apocalypse to their conference (Book Of Eli came out this week) by selling their soul to Texas.  The Longhorns will get their own TV network and get more of the cut from Big 12 revenue "sharing."  Even on ESPN it was shown on Sportscenter as "Texas and other 9 teams stay in Big 12."  They need to get two more teams to get back their Title game, which brings in 12-15 million dollars a year (or 11-14 million dollars for Texas).  Its a sad deal and will only last until the next pretty girl walks into the dance.

3. The German National Soccer Team:  Die Mannschaft absolutely destroyed the Socceroos, a talented team that just had a bad game.  With Captain and star player Michael Ballack out after messing up his ankle, the Germans said Auf Wiedersehen to Australia and showed they can still win it all.  Now they have to carry it to their next game against Serbia and game 3 versus Ghana.

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