Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You're Welcome!

1. MLB Pitchers: In the ultimate year of the pitchers, we have seen 2 perfect games (Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay aka the best pitcher in baseball)  and a no hitter by Ubaldo Jiminez.  Jiminez is 10-1 with an ERA under one in June.  There hasn't been 2 perfect games in the Majors since 1880.  Carlos Silva is even 7-0.  I would have never believed you if you told me the scraps the Cubs got for Milton Bradley would win 7 games total, nonetheless 7 in the first 2 months.  It all comes down to many young pitchers maturing at the same time, and honestly, a cleaner, less juiced game.

2. Zack Follett: This guy has gone from camp body to possibly a starter for the Lions at LB this season.  With the OLB depth being Follett, Julian Peterson, Caleb Campbell, Ashlee Palmer, Landon Johnson, etc. (a bunch of special teamers) Follett has improved himself to possibly being a 3 down LB and someone who can play the nickel and fill a big hole.  Its been forever since a low draft pick has come through and filled a hole for Detroit.  Oh yeah, and hes funny, makes great videos and is easy to root for.  Easily a fan favorite, he could be a huge part of the team next year. 

3. People Who Don't Athletes Celebrating Too Much After Doing Their Job:  Kendry Morales was have a very good season and just hit a game winning grand slam for the Angels.  The Angels, who aren't having a great season rushed out to congratulate their hero.  Only problem is, during the celebration, he absolutely destroyed his ankle.  I feel bad for him, leg injuries suck.  But if you are of the persuasion that athletes shouldn't dance or celebrate, here is your ammo.  OchoCinco is a lot of fun to watch but if he danced his way to a torn ACL people would point out he should just flip the ball to a ref.  We all remember the Gramaticas and how they danced after an extra point.  I like watching these guys come up with fun ideas, but not at this price.


  1. Shit, Yzerman hurt his knee celebrating his EPIC Game 7 winner against the Blues in 1996. Ask Don Cherry about it.

  2. I remember that game and the injury. He does have a thing about hockey players getting hurt celebrating.