Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Hurts Worse, Stafford's Shoulder, Or My Soul?

I am really sorry for the extreme lack of posting lately.  My Senior year of college, work, midterms and squeezing in time to watch sports has taken up a lot of my writing time.  Splitting duties a little has helped, but its no excuse.  I am not retiring from this blog.  I think I did need a break to keep my mind working.  I will make an effort to post more regularly and keep things more entertaining.  Thanks for sticking with STWWC, those who stay will be at least above average sports fans. 

Well, my soul was destroyed this weekend in football.  My WMU Broncos couldn't win a close game against the top rivals CMU, in the annual Lose A Close Game And Ruin The Season Bowl Presented By Ro-Tel.  Cubit is a good coach, and in no way am I calling for his job, but something has to change.  The team is young and talented, but before they were experienced and talented, and before that they were promising and talented.  Eventually they have to start winning big games and going to bowls, basically becoming CMU.

Michigan beat Illinois at home this weekend, saving RichRod's job and assuring MSU will win next year in the Game That Doesn't Matter To U of M Except It Really Does (or the Battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy) and that Michigan will have a defense that works against crappy teams but struggles against Big Ten talent.  Remember when giving up 65 points and winning 7 games was intolerable in Ann Arbor? 

MSU won a scrimmage before their bye week.  I think they played East Lansing High School dressed as Minnesota.  Please hire Leach, Minnesota. 

And here we go.  The Lions season was, in 5 minutes, was completely turned around.  It went from joy, realizing the dream of beating a good team and winning back to back games, with our best players playing amazing, with Stafford finally commanding the offense and looking like a Pro Bowl caliber signal caller.  Sure, Megatron was shut down, and Hanson got hurt, but those are just speed bumps for what looked like a trip to .500 (road games against the Bills and Cowboys) and a shot at the NFC North title by Thanksgiving.  It was going great.  I was even playing the what if game, as in what if the NFL didn't make up interpretations of rules in Chicago.

But of course, things had to go awful really fast.  Stafford hurt his shoulder again, in a routine fall, and I bet he will be either perfectly fine or out for the season and go into next year with a ton of question marks.  Then, they blew a lead and lost in overtime to the most arrogant stupid team in the NFL.  I'm sure Rex Ryan made a ton of jokes over his post game snack quadruple whopper, but I don't want to hear any of his dumb remarks.  Now the Lions are 2-6, the season is over, and they play an improving Bills team on the road.  Then they go to the strangely talented but awful Cowboys before taking on the (why NFL, why?) Patriots on Thanksgiving, where we will be blown out terribly, and people won't want us to have a Thanksgiving game (these people are called idiots) and I'll be kicked in the gut multiple times.  I knew we were not making the playoffs, but I though we would win a few games here and there and our Franchise savior QB would play more than five minutes at a time.  I now believe he is injury prone and we could be looking at 5 years of not knowing who is starting week to week. 

This was the roughest loss I have ever endured.  With the fan base starting to believe, with more Lions fans than ever on campus and ticket sales going up, I thought the Lions had a win in the bag that would help the team come together and build on what they had started earlier.  But, I guess I will have to hope and wait for next year, again.

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