Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NBA PLAYOFFS Predictions

Just before the first round of games on opening night, here’s my postseason predictions!

Divisional Round
1. Miami over 8. New Jersey
2. Boston over 7. New York
3. Chicago over 6. Milwaukee
4. Orlando over 5. Atlanta

Orlando over Miami
Boston over Chicago

Conference Final
Boston over Orlando

Divisional Round
1. Dallas over 8. Phoenix
2. Los Angeles Lakers over 7. Houston
3. Oklahoma City over 6. Denver
4. Utah over 5. San Antonio

Los Angeles over Oklahoma City
Utah over Dallas

Conference Final
Los Angeles over Utah

(the NBA, where rematches happen…)

Los Angeles over Boston in another epic struggle. Boston has the big bodies to compete, but Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant will prove to be just a bit better. Jackson gets his last three-peat and retires in peace.

Make sure you check out Boston vs. Miami tonight and enjoy the season!


  1. First off, I want to comment on the prediction that the Russia Nets will make the playoffs. After signing a young big man in the draft and having a decent point guard to build around, that is merely not enough to send this team from being one of the worst of all time, to a top 8 team in the East. This team is just awful, and they showed it against a 3 point victory over the lowly Pistons. Derrick Favors may have athletic gifts CLOSE to Dwight Howard, but he is no wehre near shaped to play pro ball especially carry a team to 30 more wins.
    Next subject is on the hated Miami Heat. After watching their game against the Celtics, I came to 1 conclusion that I know everyone will hate me for. In this loss, the Heat showed in one series that they are the best team in the NBA. Down 13, the LeBron and Wade rattled off 10 straight points together coming off high screens that coach Eric Spoelstra is starting to realize as the most unstoppable play in this offense. 10 straight points against one of the best defenses in the NBa. It wasn't just how the superfriends scored 10 straight points, it was the mannor in which they did it. With swiftness and ease, if this team can figure out that Wade needs to take a second role to LeBron, Bosh needs to man up and not play like its the WNBA and of course Mike Miller needs to come back and hit all the open 3s he wants due to the double teams LeBron and Wade draw, this team will be unstoppable. Oh and not to mention, their defense is already one of the best in the league, think about when they start working together and getting better as the season progresses. This Heat team is the best team in the NBA and they showed it in about 40 seconds in a loss to the Celtics. Watch out world because the apocalypse is coming.

  2. I agree, although it may be an obvious pick, the heat have way to much talent to not have them in the final.