Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Look Around the NFL

I have a ton of thoughts on the NFL right now, more than just about the Lions.  So lets dedicate a blog to nothing but my opinions.  You can now copy them for your own use.  Every time you use one of my opinions, just send me a nickel.

The Lions:  In an ultimate let see if he has anything move, the Lions signed Bobby Carpenter, who just sucks at football.  He has played for Dallas, St. Louis and Miami and now Detroit in less than one year.  Detroit needs linebackers, and bad, especially with all our injuries.  But he has nothing to offer besides cannon fodder.  The rest of the year should be spent winning games we shouldn't, especially on the road, because that shows real progress.  Winning against Buffalo and Tampa Bay shows nothing.  Stafford needs to come back and be excellent to make me feel better about this whole rebuilding thing.  And he just can not get hurt.  I am excited for Best and Suh, and many other young players, but Stafford is the entire team. 

Bret Favre:  The NFL or Bret Favre won't say anything from their meeting, but after taking in account Jenn Sterger's silence and the Favres dodging of questions, this should be over soon.  No suspensions or fines should happen.  As long as the Vikings win, all will be right in the world. 

Concussion Rule:  I am OK with this move.  These people complaining about this rule probably complained about the face mask rule in the 1960's or wearing helmets or playing with a football instead of a live pig.  Most of the time, the defender is hurt worse than the guy he is hitting, so the defenders complaining doesn't make sense to me.  They need to protect their players from long term injuries, which are more terrible than we even think. 

Frauds:  Bears, Seahawks, Chiefs, Giants, Rams

Just plain suck:  Niners, Raiders, Jaguars, Browns

Super Bowl pick for right now:  Falcons vs Steelers

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