Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wow, did you see that?!?

A recap from week six in NCAA D1 football:

1.) I was extremely disappointed with Florida's effort against Alabama. First of all, how can you get blow out again by the Crimson Tide? Coming into the game, the Gators were ranked seventh in the nation and they looked like they should have been outside the top 25. This conference used to be pretty equal across the board with Florida, Alabama and LSU. Now it has come down to LSU and Alabama remaining undefeated with Florida looking wiery and Auburn still running strong. The Gators have dominated the SEC, except for Alabama and Auburn and I feel the Florida flame is slowly fading away from Coach Urban Meyer.

2.) Wow, how did the Ducks not jump the Buckeyes? I mean, really, how did a numer two ranked Ohio State team travel to Illinois and barely pull it out?? I understand it wasn't as close as the score but I was very happy with what I saw. Oregon whipped the tail off of a very good Stanford team. Stanford jumped out to a 21-3 lead early, but the Ducks offense is scoring at record pace. I'm not sure there is a defense in the nation that can stop this high flying offense. I expect big things out of Oregon.

3.) I was very impressed with how Michigan State handled Wisconsin. The Badgers had multiple chances to close the gap and pull a head but the Spartans defense and well balanced offense drove the Badgers right out of town.

4.) Coach Rodriguez's job is still on the line in my opinion and Denard Robinson is helping his cause. Robinson's late drive set the Wolverines up for the victory and Rich Rod's season changing game coming up this week vs MSU. I think with a victory here, he can take a deep breath but with a loss, he see early signs of packing luggage.

5.) Good bye Texas. The Longhorns were kicked out of the top 25 by Oklahoma on Saturday in the Red River showdown. This is very odd and unusual for one of the BCS powerhouses but I like what I see in other schools getting the opportunities to jump into the top 25.

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