Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midweek Michigan Update

- For everyone out there who thinks Michigan’s offense would die without Denard Robinson, here are a few stats to make you second-guess yourself:

1.) In the game against Bowling Green last week, Devin Gardner and Tate Forcier went a combined 19/22 for nearly 200 yards and a TD apiece. Neither of them would have the same effect as Robinson, but it’s nice to know that Forcier is still committed to the team.

2.) While he has much fewer yards than Robinson, running back Michael Shaw has 44 carries on the year for 245 yards and 5 TD’s. He’s not as dynamic as Robinson, but he’s averaging over 5 yards per carry.

3.) Michigan’s receivers have also been coming up big this year so far. Three of the receivers, Darryl Stonum, Roy Roundtree, and Martavious Odoms, all have over ten catches and are averaging over ten yards per catch. Robinson, Forcier, and Gardner have also been spreading the ball around well with five different players responsible for the six receiving TD’s.

Yes, the Michigan offense would take quite a hit if Robinson went down, and I want him to be leading the team more than any other player, but I think that Michigan would be able to get by without him. Let’s hope we don’t have to find out, though.

- Links to Michigan stuff:

1.) Adam Rittenberg thinks that the Michigan-Indiana game this Saturday will be a shootout . I'd have a hard time disagreeing, although Indiana's coach Bill Lynch said that it might be a "defensive shootout", which makes no sense at all.

2.) Brian Cook for MGoBlog reviews the offense from the Bowling Green game. Pretty in depth with pictures, videos, and analysis.

3.) Brian Cook also has a preview of Michigan's hockey team for the upcoming season.

4.) Great article written about offensive lineman Taylor Lewan for the Detroit News. Angelique Chengelis writes about how he approaches his role on the team, what others think of him, and what is tattooed on the side of his finger and how it acts as an icebreaker.

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  1. Any stats that anybody put up against Bowling Green doesn't count. The only way UofM would be anywhere ok without Denard is if he ends up being a product of a system (nothing wrong with that, and it doesn't mean he is untalented) and that Forcier and Gardner can get plugged in and play. The defense will matter more and more as the season goes on, since Michigan has played average or less than average teams this season.

    And this isn't Michigan bashing, since MSU has played comparable or worse teams so far. Northern Colorado, UMass, Florida Atlantic, UConn, WMU, Notre Dame (twice) etc aren't exactly any good. They could all not go to bowls this season.