Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Weekend In Football

Just have some thoughts in the world of football this weekend.

I have some personal crusades.  I hate Boise State, I love pointing out how ESPN does stupid stuff constantly, I think the Situation should win Dancing With The Stars, and talking about how the Jets are just a slightly above average team.  And I love pointing out crappier NFL teams and college football facts.  Mark this all down.

The Vikings and Bears are overrated and have frauds written all over them.  The Vikings are 0-2 and look old and sluggish.  I don't expect them just to turn it on.  Too many people are picking the Lions this weekend, but the Vikings are going to be chasing the Packers.  The Bears (didn't) beat the Lions and then beat the 0-2 Cowboys.  The offense isn't going to not turn the ball over or keep Cutler safe for long.  They will start to lose in bunches.

The Lions will struggle to win more than 3 games this year, mostly because of Stafford being out.  Even with Jahvid Best being able to carry the offense, the Lions defense showed they have a long way to go.  Stafford was the key this season, and with him gone I don't like our chances in many games.

I feel less confident about the Bengals every week.  Even when they win, Palmer will never be the same.

Kansas City and Tampa Bay are the top teams in the basement.  Both 2-0, but it doesn't matter.  KC will end up with 7 wins and Tampa Bay less than that.  They are going to be hurting come December.

 The Miami Dolphins are very good, like Wild Card good. 

Alabama is the best team in the nation.

Jake Locker has pulled a Brian Brohm and turned down huge money to be drafted later in the year.

Ro-Tel and Velveeta is the best combination in the world.  

The Big Ten is the second best conference in the nation, and the gap between them and the SEC is pretty close. 

USC keeps winning and will keep winning.  Thanks, Pete. 

Nebraska will win the Big 12 (10) and has an amazing chance to win the Big 10 (12) next season.

So enjoy this weekend of football!

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