Friday, September 3, 2010

English Premier League Season Kickoff: Part 4

Here is the final preview for the EPL season this year.  The fifth place team will qualify for the playoffs in the 2011-2012 UEFA Europa Playoffs.  The fourth place team will qualify for the playoffs in the 2011-2012  UEFA Champions League.  And the first, second and third team automatically qualify for the UEFA Champions League for 2011-2012.  Here is the conclusion.

6. Tottenham Hotspur: Nickname:  Spurs.  Manager: Harry Redknapp.  Stadium: White Hart Lane.  2009/2010 Finish: 4th in the EPL.  Rival:  Arsenal.  The Spurs had a very good year last year and look to build on that success.  A new stadium has been proposed and the Spurs look to make the UEFA Champions League.  The team has steadily improved since 2005, and the glory years were the 1980's before the EPL was in its current state.

5. Manchester City:  Nickname: The Citizens.  Manager: Roberto Mancini.  Stadium: City of Manchester Stadium.  2009/2010 Finish: 5th in the EPL.  Rival: Manchester United.  Man City spends crazy to keep up with rival Man U, but don't experience the same success.  In 1999, they were relegated to the third tier of English soccer.  It was impressive for them to climb back, and now with the talent they have (Carlos Tevez) they could really take off, or get relegated.

4. Arsenal: Nickname: The Gunners.  Manager: Arsene Wegner.  Stadium: Emirates Stadium.  2009/2010 Finish: 3rd in the EPL.  Rival: Tottenham Hotspur.  Arsenal, the team with cannons on their logo, are very popular and usually a top team in the EPL.  They have an incredible fanbase all over the world, and are the 3rd most valuable club in soccer.  They also have players who represent all over Europe.  A fun team to watch.

3. Liverpool:  Nickname: The Reds.  Manager: Roy Hodgson.  Stadium: Anfield.  2009/2010 Finish: 7th in the EPL.  Rivals:  Everton, Manchester United.  Liverpool should improve this year if captain Steve Gerrard doesn't have a England failed again World Cup Hangover.  Liverpool should score a ton of goals this year, and if Spanish National team backup Pepe Reina can stop some shots, the team should be very solid. 

2. Manchester United: Nickname: The Red Devils.  Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson.  Stadium: Old Trafford.  2009/2010 Finish: 2nd in the EPL.  Rivals: Liverpool, Manchester City, Leeds United.  ManU always win, and the Red Devils are a truly global team.  One of the most successful teams in soccer history, you may remember their B-team completely destroying the MLS All-Stars.  The team looks like a World Cup All-Star team, led by Wayne Rooney, who according to a Nike commercial, is in a trailer park in England. 

1.  Chelsea: Nickname: The Pensioners, The Blues. Manager:  Carlo Ancelotti.  Stadium: Stamford Bridge.  2009/2010 Finish: 1st in the EPL.  Rivals: Fulham, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United.    Chelsea was the best team last year and should be this year.  The team with a thousand rivals is also owned by a Russian oil gazillionaire like the Nets.  Lampard, Drogba and Cech all play for Chelsea, whos fans include Bryan Adams.  The team song is Blue is the Colo(u)r and the tradition is hooligans and winning. 

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