Friday, September 10, 2010

You're Welcome! NFL Opener Edition

Football season kicked off last night and the world could not be a better place.  The Vikings and Saints played a less than spectacular game featuring a whopping 23 total points scored.  Favre looked old, and Chris Collingworthless was as bad as always. 

1. Drew Brees:  Drew made some excellent throws and for one week held off the Madden Curse.  Sure, he didn't throw for 5 TDs, but he was his usual awesome self.  And they had plenty of shots of his son (awwwww!) and his wife with another kid on the way.  Expect more great games from a top 5 QB in the league.

2. Saints Defense:  Holding the Vikings to ten points is impressive, and they won a slugfest without Darren Sharper.  The defense was overrated last year, and they would not have been given any love if they didn't play like they did last night.  Sure, Favre is old and without Rice, but they should score more than twice in a game.  Was this what we will see from Favre all year?  Only time will tell. 

3. The person who probably got fired today for the choice of entertainment at last night's pregame:  When I think of the NFL, I think of Taylor Swift and the Dave Matthews Band.  Trying to expand your fan base is one thing, picking two artists who make no sense is another.  The halftime shows have been incredibly bad, and someone needs to be hired to fix this.  Stupid Janet Jackson ruining everything again!

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